my love forever niall horan fanfic

emma is from mullingar ireland but when her mom got a new job she had to move to california. she promised that she would move back as soon as she could .ireland was her home her life ..does she go back... does she fall in love.. does it last...


2. the flight home

you light up my world like no one else , i slam my alarm and finish packing look at the time 7:00am my flight leaves at 8:30.hmm what could i were as i look though the boxes ahh ha i put on my pink teal sweat shirt and my black sweat pants and my grey uggs  then  did my and put on some makeup . i dont like to put makeup on but there could be cute boys so i did ( ) looked at the time 7:30 crap i grabed my bag and my phone and went down stairs to say by to my mom she stared to cry shhh.. i have to thats were i belong she didnt understand why i was leaving but she still payed for my flat anyways until i get a job.i called a cab and and told him the airport . so i got out my phone and played little things thinking  that i will find my prince.he stoped i got out and payed i got a texted from ella " im going to miss u so much" your coming in two months for the one direction consert remember "o ya but im going to miss you  your my best friend " i know boo  then i walked in and sat and waited ella "i wish i could go with u" i know but i needsome time i missed my home town my old friends but u can viset . flight 201 to mulligar is now boarding i took a deep breath and walked on to the plane


nialls pov:

i had to wake up early i had to a plane to catch home for some time UUUGGG its to early  so i went to ready and finish packing looked at my phone 7:32 got 2 go . walked out and said bye to the boys and left and calleda tazi  and told him airport then went on twitter and tweeted i miss my fam so much got like 4000 coments and laughed to myself. he stoped so i put on my shades and my hood and payed him and walked in and went stright to starbucks and got 8 donutts then sat and ate them . then walked and sat and wated and them the  lady called flight 201 to mulligar is now boarding got up and walked on the plane and sat in my seat



emma pov:

a boy wereing sun glasses and a hoodie came and sat next to me and some blond hanging out



me: im emma

boy: im niall

omg maybe hes niall horan i have to know i cant tell , hes wareing  sun glasses

i took off his hood and his sun glasses and GASPED

niall:hey !!

me: sorry i had to know if u are niall horan



nialls pov:

the most amazing girl was sitting next to me i knew she had to become my princess she said hello thats a start she sounded iresh cool then she took off my hood and my sunglasses and gasped is that good or is she going to scream in my face.



 niall: ya im niall horan are u a fan

emma:yes a big one but im not going to scream in your face i promise

niall:so do u have a favorte im betting its harry or one of the others


so i took out my phone and showed him

niall:im your favorite


and i put on his sun glasses and then on we talked the whole time ontil i fell alsleep on his shoulder




i really like her should i give her my # idk i really like i think she fell asleep on my shoulder thats a good sign right




i wook up on his shoulder and thats when he asked for my phone and put his number in my phone  wow he got the pass word right well it niall so its easey and i put mine in his


emma pov:

i got my phone and put music on

niall:what are u lisoning to

me: guess

niall:one direction


then we both just talked until we landed

we both got our stuff and got of the plane

we have to hang out some time.. of coarse niall just text or call me

before we got in ti taxzs he said bye ,love and kissed my cheek i blushed and said bye niall and thought i love u niall but i didnt say it  we just met and drove off.




authers note: its my first one  so its hard for me please no bad coments and coment should happen .



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