my love forever niall horan fanfic

emma is from mullingar ireland but when her mom got a new job she had to move to california. she promised that she would move back as soon as she could .ireland was her home her life ..does she go back... does she fall in love.. does it last...


3. did he just ask me ?

i got into the cad when i got a text



niall:do u want to hang later

me: of coase

omg NIALL HORAN just asked me to hang out

the cab stoped and i got out and payed

then walked into my flat and unpatted


finaly down un packing

then went to take a shower and got out and dryed my hair and put on my jack willis sweat shirt and skinny jeans and black toms and texted niall

nialler<3 oxoxox

emma:do you want to come over

niall:ya shur

1 hour later

hey emm

hey nialler

do u want to watch movies

ya sure

what do u want to watch

idk...... how about the notebook

if i can use your shoulder to cry on then yes

then i put it in then niall patted his lap to sit on his lap

and when they were kissing in the rain

i got caught in his ocean blue eyes we were  a inch a part when we pressed our lips together

your so beautiful emma would u go out with

yes  where r we going to go

im not telling  pick u up at 8

then left i ran to my closet and i picked out something i would never were but i thought he might like it

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