The Love Of My Life

Eva Tomlinson is the step sister of Louis Tomlinson. But Eva lives with her aunt Mary Grand. One dreadful day Mary dies and forces Eva to move to England with Louis and his bandmates. What happens when Eva meets the boys and learns all of their secrets. Will she leave to move back to New York or will she stay and let her feelings for one of the boys grow? Read on to find out:)


1. The Worst Day Ever


Teachers should not be able to give out homework on weekends. I was in my room doing my math homework at 12:00 when I heard my someone knocking on my door."Eva, I'm going to the market. Would you like anything?" I knew it was my aunt Mary because I could hear her soft angelic voice calling from the other side of the door. I went to open the door and saw her chocolate brown eyes and perfectly curled brown hair. She looked just like me. "Sure aunt Mary, could you bring me a candy bar and a soda? I'll give you the money for it when you get back." " Really Eva? Junk food? That will get you real plump and will not help you with your homework." "Aww... but aunt Mary!!! I have eaten fruits and veggies all day! please just one candy and a diet soda!" I gave her my biggest puppy eyes ever because I knew she couldn't say no to them. " Ugh! Fine Eva I will get you the sugar snacks but you will take out the garbage while I'm gone." "Ok fine I'll take out the garbage! Thank you aunt Mary!" So I gave her the money and went back to doing my homework. I heard the front door close and then I pulled out my secret stash of chocolate bars:) I ate at least 2 and then threw away the wrapper. I looked at the clock and it read 2:00 p.m. It had been 2 hours since aunt Mary had left to the store. "I wonder where she is?" I asked out loud. I guessed she was just buying some extra things. That was when I heard the phone ring. "Hello?" " Hello is this Eva Tomlinson?" "Um yes. May I know who's asking?" "Yes, this is doctor Christian Reyes from the Good Samaritan Hospital. You were the emergency contact on Mary Cruz's phone." "Mary? Why is she at the hospital? What happened? Is she okay? Can I go..." "Please Miss Eva let me finish. As I was saying, Mary was hit by a truck. Her little car could not withstand the impact and she was crushed. She was bleeding a lot and her brain stopped working. She is still alive but will not make it to the end of the night. If you like you could come and stay with her and I will let you stay." By the time he finished Eva was bawling. She couldn't believe what had happened." I..I..I would really like to come and see her but I don't have a ride" "Well I could order you a cab if you want." "Please could you?" Of course it should be there by 3:30. I'll see you then and I'm very sorry about this." "Thank you. Very much good bye." With that I hung up. I felt like dying and then crawling into a hole and then dying again. So I walked to my bed and just layed staring at the roof thinking of what I had just heard. I decided to get up and get my shoes because it was already 3:25. So I walked to the living room to wait for the cab. Then after staring at my nails for 5 minutes, I heard the cab. I opened the door to a light breeze that gave me goosebumps. I slowly walked to the cab and opened the car door. I sat down and stared at the scenery as we were passing by. Finally we came to a stop in front of the hospital. I got out and went to the front desk in the ER. I asked for Mary Cruz,and told the woman that she was my aunt and she let me go through the doors. I walked into the elevator and pressed the button to the 8th floor. When I got there I slowly walked to the room the woman had told me and that was when I saw him standing next to my dying aunt. Louis Tomlinson. My Brother.

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