A Far From Perfect Love Story

Hallo! My name is Micky Heihtrige, I am 18 years old and I live alone with my dad. I may seem happy all the time but I have had a hard life. My mom walked out when I was 3 because she couldn't handle having a kid. So the second i could walk and talk and feed myself, she was packing. I cut. My dad does know I cut, but he doesn't know shes the reason why. So what will happen to me when I tell my dad that shes the reason why I cut and he sends me off to Ireland to live with her? Then, soon find out a certain blonde pop start is my moms neighbor.


5. Niall's Girlfriend?

Micky's POV:

This Niall kid looked familiar, but I don't know where from. When he heard the car engine he ran to the window ''Hey new girl wanna meet a famous band?'' I shrugged and said ''why not, let me get my jacket'' I ran upstairs and grabbed my leather jacket, partially for the cuts. I didn't really need it but I didn't want famous people to pity me or even know I cut. I came downstairs and walked out the door. Niall was already standing there waiting for me we walked across the yard and there was four boys waiting there. One had a buzz cut and brown eyes, another had curly hair and creepy green eyes, then there was one with a lot of tattoos and olive skin, finally there was one on curlys back screaming ''PIGGY BACK RIDE'' he had brown hair and green blue eyes. When Niall and I walked up to them they all went quiet and stared at me. Have they never seen a girl before. Then curly yelled ''Niall's got a girlfriend! Niall's got a girlfriend!'' ''What?'' I asked. 'Boys are stupid' I thought. ''Aren't you Niall's Girlfriend?'' the one on curlys back asked ''Guys shut up!'' Buzz yelled. I laughed. Boys are always like this aren't they? ''Now One Direction introduction.'' Niall laughed ''I'm Liam, Daddy direction'' Couldn't see that coming *sarcastic* ''I'm Louis! The fun one'' The one on Curly said while making funny faces. I let out a giggle. ''I'm Zayn the vain one'' Tattoos said. Again big surprise. ''I'm Harry, the flirt'' Curly said in a flirty voice. I hate flirts, always have. ''and I'm Niall, the one that likes food'' I froze. He's famous?

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