A Far From Perfect Love Story

Hallo! My name is Micky Heihtrige, I am 18 years old and I live alone with my dad. I may seem happy all the time but I have had a hard life. My mom walked out when I was 3 because she couldn't handle having a kid. So the second i could walk and talk and feed myself, she was packing. I cut. My dad does know I cut, but he doesn't know shes the reason why. So what will happen to me when I tell my dad that shes the reason why I cut and he sends me off to Ireland to live with her? Then, soon find out a certain blonde pop start is my moms neighbor.


2. Moving

"Micky!" my dad yelled from the basement. I put my laptop down and ran down the stairs "Yes Daddy?'' I asked innocently. He probably knows I just cut. ''you just cut didn't you'' he asked sounding disappointed, called it. I let out a loud sigh and slowly nodded my head. ''You gotta tell me why, please! I just to help my little girl'' he cried and wrapped me into a hug ''Okay daddy, just please don't get mad'' I pleaded he nodded and let go of me. ''I cut because of my mother, when you told me why she left I felt unwanted, my own mother left 'cause I was to much for her'' ''Oh, sweetheart. I am so sorry. I think you should meet her. You know, resolve any problems you have with her what do you think?'' my dad said slowly. I nodded and he walked out of the room dialing a number I assumed was my Mothers. I will never call that woman my 'mom' she lost that title 11 years ago. After about ten minutes my dad walked in and said ''get ready and pack enough clothes for the rest of the summer, your going to be staying with your mom'' i let out a groan and sluggishly pulled myself off the chair. I am not looking forward to this summer. I went upstairs to my room grabbed my clothes, makeup bag, and towel. I took a long nice shower got dressed in my jean sleeveless shirt that ties ate the bottom and my skirt that was long going to my ankles but the underpart of the skirt going mid-thigh and my leather heels that laced up in the front (http://weheartit.com/entry/47596174/via/maffersoza) then walked to my room and packed all the clothes I needed along with toiletries then gave my things to my dad. ''Am I flying'' I questioned my father ''Yeah, your going to Mullingar,Ireland'' My jaw dropped. I was leaving the country! Oh heck no! just to spend the summer with someone who I 1.) hated, and cause me to hurt myself 2.) I didn't even know! Not fair at all! but my dad pushed me into the car handing me my tickets and passport. This better be a good summer.

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