Happily Ever After ~ A Niall Horan Romance ♥

We all have a story to tell...

And this is Trisha Scott's. Trisha has been living a life of Cinderella complete with an evil step-father and two step-siblings that makes her life miserable as possible. Thus her story is indeed like Cinderella's when she attended a Christmas Party that she is unwanted to. She met Niall Horan, the cute irish member of the international boy band. But will their love story be as perfect as Cinderella's? Will they have their Happily Ever After?
It's up to you to find out.


1. Once Upon A Time...


"When words fail, music speaks."


I'm sure we've all heard that before. I know I have. I've heard it a thousand times from my mother who means the world to me.


She taught me all kinds of things, especially music. She loves music and soon she taught me how to love it too. She said music is everywhere and it relates to everything. It connects people. 


My mom is the happiest person I know. But deep down she was lonely. And I hated myself for not doing anything. One night I found her drinking, holding a picture of my father, and she was crying. Every night I saw her like that and she didn't know that I knew. 


But then it all stopped and she was happy again. She met a man named Noah, who shortly became my step-father. He had a son and a daughter. They were really nice…or so I thought.


6 years after the marriage, I was 16, when she died of cancer. It was the most tragic moment of my life. My world has been taken away from me. I have nothing left.



And thus my story begins… 

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