Happily Ever After ~ A Niall Horan Romance ♥

We all have a story to tell...

And this is Trisha Scott's. Trisha has been living a life of Cinderella complete with an evil step-father and two step-siblings that makes her life miserable as possible. Thus her story is indeed like Cinderella's when she attended a Christmas Party that she is unwanted to. She met Niall Horan, the cute irish member of the international boy band. But will their love story be as perfect as Cinderella's? Will they have their Happily Ever After?
It's up to you to find out.


3. "Not everyday you get knocked on the ground by a pop star"



Chapter 2:



As I got closer, the screaming got louder and the bodyguards look like they can't hold them much longer. 


I checked the time on my wristwatch. I sighed and turned around. Looks like the bucket list have to wait. 


I walk my way back at the other door that no one really goes into but me and Jess. As I approach the steel door, I heard footsteps approaching it. That's weird, this is Jess' and I's secret door.


My phone vibrated so I reached for it to check the message but it went flying and I was knocked on the ground. Good thing the floor is covered with thick carpet or else I'll end up with a large bruise on my butt cheeks. 


Ha ha butt cheeks. Ok focus.


I heard groaning beside me, looking that way. 


"Oh my God!" I suddenly blurted out. I immediately smacked my mouth with my hands. My eyes widened and I didn't know what to do.


I bumped into Niall Horan. Literally.


He looked in my way, noticing me. "Sorry." He mumbled before getting back in his feet. He offered me his hand and I just stare at it. 


"Niall!" a voice boomed behind us. The rest of One Direction and Paul, their tour manager, walked towards us. They looked at Niall then me. 


"Uhh.. Why is there a girl on the floor?" Harry asked, raising his eyebrow. 


"And she's staring at us with wide eyes. Creepy." Louis kind of whispered in Harry's ear. 


Well sorry. Not everyday you get knocked on the ground by a pop star, I thought.


"I kind off bumped into her." Niall explained. Liam shook his head, smiling before giving me a hand which this time I gladly accepted.


"Sorry about that." He smiled at me and I just nodded. "He got scared by our fans outside." 


Zayn and Louis snickered while Niall glares at them, beet red.


"He needs to be protected." Zayn continued. Niall simply rolled his eyes and walked away. 


"And now he's walking off again." Liam followed him like a puppy.


Harry rolled his eyes and said, " That idiot. He doesn't even know where he's headed." 


"Good thing Liam followed him. Come on, before he gets lost again." Louis said. They followed Liam and Niall, leaving me shocked and alone.


Ookay… What just happened?


I don't think that would possibly happen but it did. If you're wondering, I'm not really a huge fan of One Direction. Kate and Jess is. That's why I got to know and like them somehow. 


If Jess was here she'd flip and if Kate find out she'll probably be all about how she deserves meeting them than I do. She'll probably list all of the flaws on my looks and how much prettier she is. Okay, I get it. I'm not pretty. 



I headed out, crossing the parking lot only to realize how cold it was and it's better to just get a cab. So that's what I did.


I stepped inside the cab and made myself comfortable.


"Where to?" The driver asked, chewing his gum.


"Uhm.." I searched my uniform pocket only to face the horror of the fact that my phone is missing.


"Oh no." I nervously said. It went flying when I fell on my butt.


"Uhhm.. I forgot something." I said.


"Well I won't wait for you." The driver snapped. I nodded and stepped out, rushing my way back at the hotel.


This day is really frustrating yet glorious at the same time. Weird.


The screaming died out, only a few girls are strong enough to bear the cold. 


As soon as I went back inside the hotel, I quickly scanned the floor. I probably looked like a wierdo, crouching down.


"Where is that stupid phone!" I screamed, receiving stares from business men and women.


"Is this stupid phone yours?" Someone asked. 


I straightened up and looked at the stranger.Only to find Harry Styles holding up my phone with his left hand while grinning like the cheshire cat.


"Ye-es." My voice suddenly cracked making Harry giggle. I felt my cheeks go warm. 


Well that was embarrassing.


"Well cracky voiced maid. Here's your stupid phone." Harry said handing me my phone. "I found it and I don't really know why I picked it up. Don't worry I didn't peek, I would have but I guess I didn't the time..." He trailed off. Although I wasn't really listening, just letting his husky voice sink through me. I mean it's really soothing.


"..Ok. I have to go now. Bye cracky voiced maid."


"Huh!?" I snapped out of my trance. Before I could even say thank you he was already walking away.


Man what's wrong with me. And cracky voiced maid, gee that was really embarrassing.


I sighed and checked the message containing the address. I checked my wristwatch and it's already 4 in the afternoon.


"Oh shit!" I exclaimed and went on to get Kate's stupid party dress.


The address wasn't really hard to find so that was easy to do. Patricia, the designer, was really nice and is really good too. Her designs are simply amazing and her house, just wow. 


So I was now on my way home to put the dress in Kate's room when she called, just to make sure I did what she told me to do.


"Yes, I got the dress." Your majesty. 


"Good. Put it on my room like you always do." Then she hung up. 




I lay down the dress that is covered, on her king sized bed and quickly left the room. I don't want to be in there.


My phone rang and I checked the caller ID. Noah.


"Hello." I answered.


"Where are you! Get back in here Trisha!"


"Yes I will. Kate just asked me to do somethi-!"


"Is it done?"




"Now get your butt here." Then he hung up. Wow. They clearly like hanging up on me.


I went in the kitchen to drink a glass of water. Doing errands sure is some thirsty work. I let out a loud gasp as soon as I enter the wide kitchen.


"What the-!" I exclaimed.


Empty cans and bottle of beers are scattered and it smelled like something died in there. Only one person popped in my mind. Angelo, Kate's 18 year old brother. 


That boy is clearly messed up.


I grabbed the wash cloth and began clearing things up. If I don't do this, I'll end up being shouted out. Some life huh.


After a few minutes of exhausting junk, i am finally done…and tired.


My phone rang…again. But this time it was Jess.


"Hey Jess. What's up?"


"What's up? You're dad is looking everywhere for you."


"He's always looking for me and Jess I told you a million times he is my step-father."


"Well your step-dad is looking for you but then he got called in a meeting so he passed his command for you to me."


"What is it now?" I groaned.


" Well.. You're cousin, Shaira, is back in London and Mr. Jackson asked you to go to her house and be her personal maid."


"What! Do they really want me to die from exhaustion. I can't barely keep up with my job and now he wants me to UGH!" My head suddenly pounded.


"Actually, Shaira asked your dad, I mean step-dad."


Shaira Jackson is my cousin from my step-dad's side so in short not at all. Here's the thing, her family is beyond rich and she hates my guts when I accidentally spilled tea all over her. Claiming to have a 3rd degree burn because of me. She is such a drama queen. In the end I got grounded for 1 or 2 months, I forgot, and I regretted that day. Because if you want to be hated by a person, do not pick Shaira. She can make your life miserable. Believe me.


"Don't worry. I asked Mr. Jackson if I can help you and fortunately he said yes." 


"I love you Jess!" I exclaimed.


She giggled and said, "I know." 


I scoffed and walked towards the door. 


"I have to go. Be there in a few." I said then hung up.


~~~ ~~~


"Jess!" I called, spotting her familiar face. 


"What's up with you? You're usually tired and upset."


I ignored her remark and get to the point. "You wouldn't believe what just happen."


"Ookay. What happen?"


"One Direction is here!" She laughed and patted my back. 


"I know that already. Though I didn't see them." 


I rolled my eyes, "I did." I said, sticking out my tongue. Her eyes widened and grabbed my shoulders, shaking me until I see two's of everything.


She keeps squealing and shaking me. 


"Jess, you're making me dizzy. I knew you couldn't help your fan-girling." 


"How!" She managed to squeak. I told her how Niall knocked me on the floor down to Harry returning my phone and embarrassing myself.


"I wonder if they're going to the party?" Jess asked, opening the door to the locker room. I shrugged, though I'm pretty sure Kate invited them.


"Can't we just forget about Kate's party and move on." I snapped. 


"Geez, someone needs a happy meal." Jess said, rolling her eyes. "Are you still going to our traditional sleep over?"


"Yes. We can't miss our wednesday movie marathon. And I can't sleep anyway." 


"Did you ask Mr. Jackson?" Jess is always worried.


"I asked him a long time ago that every wednesday I'll be sleeping in yours."


"Really?" One thing for sure, Jess is sometimes forgetful. Actually most of the time.


"Yes! I need to go home first and get some clothes." I said, while changing back in my hoodie. 


"Yeah and take a bath." Jess teased. I groaned, I probably smelled bad.


"I'll just take a bath in your house." I sniffed my hair, "Do I even smell?"


Jess shook his head, laughing. 



Jess accompanied me at home while getting my clothes. This is what I love about wednesdays, I can get away from here. I grab everything I need, trying to block Jessica's whines about how heavy Apple is. 


"What's this?" Jess asked, pulling out a box. My mother's box.


"That's my mother's stuff." I whispered. She looked at me, mouthing sorry. I smiled weakly and went over to her, opening the box. 


"I haven't open this in a long time." I said, pulling out my mother's things.


Jess suddenly pulled out a necklace. "This is cool. You should wear it." 


"I can't. It's not mine." I said, pushing back the necklace. No matter how I adore that necklace, It's still my mother's. I can't just claim it.


"I'm sure she wants you to have it." Jessica placed the necklace in my palm. "So that you can always bring her with you."


I raised the necklace up and examined it. It's really beautiful. My mother's words are engraved in it and it was designed as a guitar pick. 


I miss her.


"Let's go." I said, tearing through the silence. I almost cried up in front of Jessica and that would be embarrassing.


Jess rubbed my back as we stood up, on our way to her flat.


I smiled at her and said, "Let's go watch those movies!" 


She smiled back at me and we hurried out of the house. All I could think about is no matter how difficult my life is, somehow there is still happy moments that I could always cherish. I'm really thankful for that. 

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