Happily Ever After ~ A Niall Horan Romance ♥

We all have a story to tell...

And this is Trisha Scott's. Trisha has been living a life of Cinderella complete with an evil step-father and two step-siblings that makes her life miserable as possible. Thus her story is indeed like Cinderella's when she attended a Christmas Party that she is unwanted to. She met Niall Horan, the cute irish member of the international boy band. But will their love story be as perfect as Cinderella's? Will they have their Happily Ever After?
It's up to you to find out.


2. "A good liar knows when someone is lying."


Chapter 1



"Ugh!" I groaned in frustration. I can't freaking sleep. It's been weeks and I'm getting sick of my insomnia.


I tossed myself for the last time at the other side of the bed, hoping it will let me sleep, but nope. So I stood up from my bed and went to the bathroom. I splash some water on my face and study my face in the mirror. Dark bags formed under my eyes due to the lack of sleep and some serious case of pimple above my eyebrow. Stupid unattractive face. 


I dry my face with a towel and grab my hoodie, putting it on.


 I grab "Apple", my six string guitar. I know it's a weird name for a guitar but I was 9 when my mom gave it to me. 


I sling Apple on my arm and headed out of my room which the basement of the house.


I carefully turn the knob and pushed the door, tiptoeing out in the big open which I call prison with marbled floors.


I have done this multiple times so I'm very good at it. My step-father have this curfew for me but I don't really give a shit. 


I finally reach the double mahogany entry doors, stepping out and closing it behind. I was engulfed by the chilly winter air, causing my breath to puff out. I currently regretted my choice of outfit. A simple hoodie cannot protect you from London's winter air.


I ignore the chilly feeling and went in the garage, approaching the skinny piece of metal which you call a bicycle. I hopped on my bike and pedaled my way towards the streets. 


I'm on my way to the park. My getaway.


The park is just a ten minute drive away from the house make that 15 for bikes.


The Hyde park looks so deserted in the middle of the night, scary enough to make a 17 year old girl like me to turn away and go back home. But I'm an exception.


My mother and I always use to come here when I was little. This park is where she taught me how to play the guitar. 


I approach the spot I always stay in, a big tree near the lake, and sat at the foot of the tree. I brought out my guitar and lean against the trunk, strumming quietly. 


After a while I felt myself slipping in the world of dreams.


It was dark at first but the blurry scene was beginning to clear. A garden maze, I'm in a middle of a maze. It was beautiful but I wonder how I could get out. I found myself wearing a beautiful gown, I feel like a princess. Up in the horizon I can see a crystal blue castle and hear someone's voice calling out my name. It was the voice I haven't heard in a long time. 


It made my feet work and started running towards the voice, my mother's voice. I started running towards the castle. 


But I heard a song playing, I can't really make up what song was playing but it was all too familiar. 





My fluttered open and I saw that it was already broad daylight.I felt my phone vibrate and 'Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran'.


"Hello." I answered.


"Trisha! Where are you? Mr. Jackson is looking for you!" Jess -my best friend and co-worker- exclaimed. 


" I'm at Hyde Park." I checked my wristwatch and it was 9:37. " Oh shoot!"


I hung up and gather my stuff, struggling to get on my bike. I'm going to be so dead. I biked my way through the streets, shouting sorry every now and then to the people I almost hit.


This is the worst. My step-dad's going to kill me. I really need this job and the last thing I have to do is get fired. 


I finally saw the familiar building and pedaled faster towards it. I dropped my bike at the huge parking lot beside it and sprinted through the main entrance, pushing the large glassed doors. 


I received weird looks from people, maybe thinking I was a lunatic running in the hall. I pressed the button and the employee elevator opened. I stepped inside and quickly pressed the button that will take me to where the employees are.



I scanned the room and found Jessica pushing a cleaning cart. 


"Jess!" I called out to her. She met my gaze and looked around. She walked towards me and grab my arm, dragging me towards the locker room.


"Where have you been?" She whispered. 


"I kinda overslept in my tree." I started fiddling at the strap of the bag containing my guitar.


She sighed and hugged me. "You know you're in trouble right." I nodded.


"Your father was looking for you and I have to come up with an excuse." She said, "I don't know if he believed it though."


"He didn't. I'm sure of it. A good liar knows when someone is lying." I said, "And he's my step-father."


She sighed and said, "Go meet me out when you're done changing.", walking out of the room.


I quickly changed into my uniform and headed out to meet Jessica. But someone else is waiting for me.


"Where have you been?" Noah's voice boomed and I stiffened. I quickly think of an excuse to answer.


"Kate..ask..me to do erm...something." I stuttered. I stutter a lot, especially when I lie.


"You're not a very good liar Trisha." He said, placing his arms across his chest. "And you even used my daughter as an excuse."


I looked down, feeling small. The problem with Noah is he can make you feel small and your chance of standing up to him is very little.


He cleared his throat and said, "As you know Kate's birthday is on friday, three days from now. Certain guest will be arriving." He paused.


"I want you to be busy and not resting around in some stupid place as an excuse of being late."


I clenched my fist and gritted my teeth. How dare he call that place stupid.


"Do you understand, Trisha?"


"Yes sir."


"Good. Now get back to work." He walked out of the room leaving me alone. Jess came in right after.


"You okay?" She asked, giving me a worried look.


"Yeah." I breathed out. "Come on. Those rooms won't clean themselves you know." 


I fake a smile and she gave me a generous one in return. We spent 2 hours cleaning rooms and covering up room services. I'm glad that I have Jessica as my fried, she can make me forget things of a while.


We are now on our fourth room when Jess told me about Kate's party. According to Jess it will be some kind of masquerade costume party, anything can be worn as long as you have masks on, famous singers will be attending and you can only enter the party if you are admitted with an invitation.


That party is as cliché as a fairy tale. But a part of me still wanted to go. I mean famous singers will be there which means there's a chance that I can finally check something off my bucket list which is to finally meet a famous person/singer. 


I sighed. If only, I thought.


My ringtone suddenly blared and I quickly answered.




"Trisha! I need you to pick up my dress at my designer's house ASAP!"


"Can't you just do it. You have a car which means you can get it faster that I can and besides I'm in the middle of my work."


"Do you want my dad to fire you. Besides your job is pathetic and that dress is more important than your needs. Just do it! I'll send you the freaking address. Bye!"


She hung up, and I couldn't process anything. What the hell is wrong with that girl? 




"Why what happen?" Jess suddenly popped out from the bathroom. 


"Kate happened. She needs me to pick up her stupid dress in her stupid designers house with a stupid bike and UGH!"


Kate just simply annoys me. Spoiled brat.


Jess giggled and patted my back. I mouthed sorry before running off to do Kate's errand for me.


Kate is an annoying spoiled brat Bi- I mean girl ever. I did wish we get along, I mean before my mother died we did. I think? But then her true colors showed.


As soon as I got in the lobby I heard.. Screaming? What the hell?


I turn to the main entrance and saw girls and cameras blocking it. There's only one explanation. A hot celebrity is about to come. I wonder? Only one thing to do to find out right?


Bucket list here we go.

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