If They Only Knew

Rachel and Harry have been dating for about a year. Harry invited Rachel to go on tour with them but Perrie and Eleanor are going too. Rachel and Eleanor are really close but Rachel and Perrie are enemies. They hate eachother. Will perrie do something to Rachel? will Rachel do something to Perrie? Read to find out.Constructive critsism welcome. <3


4. Wanna go shopping??



                                                            Rachel`s POV


When we got to New York we went straight to the hotel. Zayn and Perrie are sharing a room. Louis and Eleanor are sharing a room. Liam and Niall are sharing a room. And HArry and I are sharing a room. Harry and I went straight to our room and watched tv. I put on Gravity Falls but Harry changed it and put on Spongebob. He put the remote right inbetween us. I reached over and pressed the last button on the remote and then Harry did the same. We kept on doing that for about a half hour. Then we heard a knock on the door. "Go get it."I said to Harry. He sighed and stood up. He walked over to the door and answered it.  It was El."Heeyyyy." She said to Harry. "Hi." He said. "Is Rachel here?"She asked. "Yeah she`s on the couch." He said. I lifted my arm up so she could see me. She walked over to me. Do you want to go shopping?"she asked. "Yeah,"I said.

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