If They Only Knew

Rachel and Harry have been dating for about a year. Harry invited Rachel to go on tour with them but Perrie and Eleanor are going too. Rachel and Eleanor are really close but Rachel and Perrie are enemies. They hate eachother. Will perrie do something to Rachel? will Rachel do something to Perrie? Read to find out.Constructive critsism welcome. <3


3. 3



                                                         RACHEL`S POV




The next morning I woke up around 9:30am. I woke up Harry and got up and put on sweaypants and a t-shirt. I went downstairs and got out a bowl and cereal and milk. Harry came downstairs a few minutes later. He also had cereal. When we were both done we went into the room and watched tv. About an hour later we went to the airport and Zayn and Perrie were the only other ones there. Eghh. Harry started walking over to them and I had no choice but to follow him. When we got over to them Perrie gave me a dirty look. I smiled at her. She rolled her eyes. I chuckled. About five minutes later Louis and Eleanor came. I ran over to Eleanor and hugged her. "I haven`t seen you in like forever."I said. "I saw you yesterday."she said laughing. "And that`s like over umm ten hours ago and that`s like forever to me."I said. She laughed. I went over and hugged Louis and Zayn too. When I hugged Zayn Perrie gave me a death glare. I laughed at her. I went back over to Eleanor and we started talking. After about twenty minutes we had to get on the plane. I sat next to Liam and Harry. Perrie was infront of me. Eww I don`t wanna look at her head. I`ll have to suck it up though. This is gonna be a LONG four months.



















































Authors Note<33333






Okay so I know Perrie isn`t mean but I looovvvee Eleanor and Liam and Danielle broke up so I picked Perrie. Okay anyways, I think I`m going to start naming th chapters instead of doing it by numbers. And also if you read this PLEASE leave a comment of what you think about it and ways to improve it. Thank you. xoxoRacheloxox

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