If They Only Knew

Rachel and Harry have been dating for about a year. Harry invited Rachel to go on tour with them but Perrie and Eleanor are going too. Rachel and Eleanor are really close but Rachel and Perrie are enemies. They hate eachother. Will perrie do something to Rachel? will Rachel do something to Perrie? Read to find out.Constructive critsism welcome. <3


2. 2



                                                                    Rachel`s POV



We packed my stuff for about three hours and we`re not done yet. We decided to take a break and go out for dinner. Harry already had jeans and a t shirt on but I had sweatpants and a sweatshirt on. I put on jeans and a long sleeve black shirt with a bow on the top left side. We walked downstairs and I put on my black toms and we left. We went to T.G.I. Fridays. When we were done we went back to my house to finish packing. We are leaving tomorrow. When we were done it was 3:00am. Harry stayed at my house because he was too tired to walk home. I crawled into bed and after a few minutes Harry did too. "Goodnight." I said to Harry. "Goodnight love." He said.We fell asleep a few minutes later. Well at least I did.

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