If They Only Knew

Rachel and Harry have been dating for about a year. Harry invited Rachel to go on tour with them but Perrie and Eleanor are going too. Rachel and Eleanor are really close but Rachel and Perrie are enemies. They hate eachother. Will perrie do something to Rachel? will Rachel do something to Perrie? Read to find out.Constructive critsism welcome. <3


1. 1


                                                            RACHELS POV



"Will you go on tour with me and the boys?" Harry asked."Is Perrie going?" I asked. "I dunno." He said. I looked at him. "Okay yeah she is." He said. "Let me think about it." I said. "come on don`t let her ruin it for you. And what even happened to you two?" He asked. "Long story." I said. "I got time." He said. "Okay well a few years ago we were best friends and I was dating James and he cheated on me with her and she knew we were dating and I found out because i sorta saw them making out at a party. And I started dating her crush and yeah we hate eachother," I said."Oh ok." He said. "If you really want me to go I`ll go." I said. "Yeah I really want you to go." He said. "Okay whatever."I said. He was staring at me. "what?" I asked. "You just look really cute when you`re explaining things," He said. I started blushing. "Aww Imade you blush." He said. "Shutup."I said. "No you look cute." He said. I rolled my eyes at him.He leaned over and hugged me and after a few seconds I hugged him back."I love you." He said. "I love ya too."I said.He leaaned in and kissed me. We kissed for like five minutes straight."Harry I have to pack," I said breaking the kiss. "Okay. Can I help?"He asked."Sure."I  said.

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