Imagine dating a boy who is a pop sensation. No, not Justin Bieber. Not Cody Simpson either. I'm talking about Harry Styles. You know, from One Direction? Sammy understands how it feels. She met Harry at a signing and they instantly fell in love with each other. But love isn't that easy. Harry has to leave to tour soon but hasn't told Sammy yet because he doesn't know how to. When he does leave, Sammy never leaves her house, either staring at her computer screen or watching television. A rumor spreads that Taylor Swift and Harry began dating when they were in New York City for one of their concerts. Sammy hears about it and is devastated. He promised he wouldn't cheat. He lied.


4. "You're not the stuck up player I thought you were.."

When I get there, I quickly step out of the car and start searching for the five boys. "Over here!" I hear someone yell. I look around to see where the voice came from and spotted a curly-haired boy waving his hand around. A small smile spreads across my face. He's actually here. 

"Hey, guys," I say when I finally get to them. I took a few seconds to check them out. Hey, they're five sexy guys, you expect me not to check them out? The boy my sister strangled yesterday, Zayn, looked pretty nice. He looks a bit too bad-boy-ish to me. The blonde next to him was cute. I think his name's Niall. The boy next to him looks like he can be a little tough, I might be wrong. His little military-cut hair makes him look tough, but his face is the cutest thing ever. It's like a puppy or something. The one next to him, the one that said Harry has a crush on me, was also very cute. He had a little sexy thing going on though. They were all hot to me. 

But then I faced Harry. The curls were what caught my eye at the signing but there's something about seeing him up close makes him look even more.. sexy? His dimples were just adorable, his body was fit, I can see his abs through his shirt, his legs looked better than mine, and lets just say he's perfect. 

"Having fun checking us out, babe?" Harry asks, snapping me out of it. I look up at his face and see a smirk on his face. Damn, that's a hot smirk. 

"Uh.. I wasn't checking you guys out. Pfft, that's ridiculous," I say nervously. These idiots are just staring at me with a smirk on their faces. It's creeping me out. "Can you stop staring?"

They all snap out of it and nod. "Sorry," the blonde says in the hottest Irish accent ever. 

"Oh, to introduce everyone, this is Zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis," Harry tells me, pointing at each boy when he says their name. I nod each time he says their name, trying to get their name captured in my brain. 

"Nice to meet you guys again," I chuckle. They laugh all together, making me have a tingling sensation in my whole body. I don't even know the reason for that feeling. 

"How about me and Sammy take a small stroll along the path way and you guys can do whatever you want?" Harry asks everyone. I felt my cheeks turn hot so I looked down so no one can see. He wants to take a walk with me? That's totally a couple thing!

All the boys smile and say, "Sure." Then me and Harry take off and start walking along a small trail. 

"So, Sammy," Harry mutters. "Are you normally from here? You don't seem to have a British accent." he starts playing around with his fingers. 

"No, me and my sister are both from America. We live here in London because our parents work here," I explain to him. I didn't mention the fact that our parents lived in a different house. They thought I was responsible enough to live by myself but my annoying little sister insisted that she stays with me. That's why it's only me and my sister in one household. 

"Ahh," he mutters. "Well, I'm happy your parents work here."

"Why?" I ask him, confused. 

"Because I got to meet you. If your parents didn't live here, we probably wouldn't of met. And I'm really happy that I met you, Sammy."

I felt the heat reach up to my cheeks like before so I turned away for a while. "You know, you're not the stuck up player I thought you were. You're actually really sweet."

"Yeah. Don't believe what all the paparazzi or media are saying. It's just rumors. They sometimes aren't true. They just make them up so they have a story to tell the world."

I nod and lay my head on his shoulder. "I'm getting tired. Can we sit on that bench over there?"

He smiles sweetly at me. "Sure, babe," he says before walking over to the bench with me. We sit down on the wooden bench and sit there for a while. There was an awkward silence but Harry decided to break it. "Sammy?"

I look over at him, smiling. "Yes?" There was silence again. We were both looking at each other, no smiles on our faces. The tension between us was overwhelming. I kept staring at his pink lips. I wanted to kiss him so bad. Before I knew it, he was leaning in. Too shocked to do anything, I sat there, not knowing if I should lean in or not. Right when his lips were extremely close to mine, I leaned in, making our lips connect. I felt the sparks, I swear. Our lips moved in sync. But, to ruin the moment, I pull away. He has a confused look on his face so I just shake my head. 

"Why did you pull away?" he asked me, stuttering a bit. 

"I don't know. My mom told me not to date celebrities because they break your heart. I'm not sure if I can trust you with my heart, Harry."

He put his hand on my thigh. "You can trust me. I promise."


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