When did this happen?

Mariah and her friend Alicia were going to a concert when suddenly they heard people they knew exactly who the were: One Direction. They were normal teenagers besides being the weirdest people ever. Will they be to scared to meet them though. Will they ever meet the people they love or will they never show themselves?


4. with the boys

Alicia's POV

Mariah and Niall look so happy all they are doing in the back are laughing and smiling im so jealous, but im also very happy for Mariah. I wish that could happen to me.

Mariah's POV

we finally got to where the boys were staying and wow was it big!

"Come on in," Liam Says and take you shoes of at the door please.

"typical Liam everything has to be in line eh?" I say making everyone laugh, but Liam. "im just kidding Liam"

"alright what do you guys what to do right now we have all night!" Harry says looking at Alicia then Louis then Zayn then Liam then Niall then me then back at Alicia.

"How about we Blast some music and get truth or dare started?" Louis screams out.

"Alright!" The rest of us scream.

Niall went and put on some music while everyone else sat in a circle. Niall sat by me and on the other side was Alicia. Next to Alicia was Harry next to Harry was Liam next to Liam was Zayn then Next to Zayn was Louis.

"alright ill start!" Louis Says "hmm Niall Truth or Dare?"

"Dare" He says almost right away.

"ooooo" The rest of the boys say.

"I dare you to switch cloths with you little girlly friend over there." Louis say while grinning.

"why must you bring me in this?" I asked.

"for how long?" Niall asked?

"because this is what you get for going out with my mate Mariah and Niall until your next turn." Louis says deviously.

"oh so I get torchered for going out with my idol I see how it is," I say while getting up to go change into Niall cloths o.0.

* 5minutes later*

Im in Niall Horan's cloths like seriously this is what I get? Niall Looks so weird in yoga pants and a shirt with an Irish flag on it but he looks absolutely adorable!

"Aww Niall you look like a little girl," I says as he blushes.

"Thank you Mariah I think I look cute!" He says trying to act cool.

we walked back into the living room where everyone else is. Everyone was staring at us.

"Mariah you look good in Niall's cloths!" Liam says jokingly. 

"And Niall you look like a little girl!" Zayn says laughing.

"that's what I said" I stated.

"Alright lets just get this game going again." Niall and I say feeling pretty awkward.

"Nope we got to get a picture!" Harry says Grinning. Then all the boys plus Alicia took out there phones and took like a million pictures. Then we sat back down.

"alright Niall go" Harry says.

"Alright Alicia truth or dare,"

"truth" Alicia says.

"oh what a party pooper," I say.

"alright well who do u like out of all the boys? Niall asked

"truthfully I like Louis and Harry sorry Louis but I like Harry more" she says smirking. Harry gave a quick smile and looked away. That gave it away they like each other.

* an hour later*

"Guys me and Alicia don't have any pajamas' to where," I say.

"Sleep in you cloths" Zayn says.

"no I got some cloths you can wear Mariah," Niall offers." and im sure Harry has cloths for you Alicia" she smiles at that.

Me and Alicia get changed into the pajamas' we got from the boys and met them down stairs to watch a movie.

"so guys what are we going to watch?" I says suspiciously. I don't know if I should trust them.

" Its a surprise" Harry says.

" oh gosh" Alicia say. "I barely know you guys and know that, that's a bad idea" As we all start to crack up I sat by Niall.

When the commercial things finally stopped play and the movie started playing I saw that the boys picked a horror movie.

" I was right this was a bad idea. I mean its only about 12 and were watching this?" Alicia almost screams.

" Niall I don't know if this is a very good idea," I say to him.

* Half way through the movie*

Niall's POV

Mariah decided to cuddle up next to me.  She is so pretty. I love the way her long brown wavy hair falls in the perfect spot and her brown eyes sparkle in the light. I got caught up in my thoughts before I realized that Mariah was staring at me. I started to blush.

" Niall im tired" Mariah whispers in my ear.

"Do you want to go up to my bed?" I asked her.

" I don't care but can you stay up there with me im scared," she says and you can hear she is about to fall asleep so I stood up quietly trying not to disturb anybody else and picked her up bridle style. She put her arms around my neck and her head on my shoulder. I looked around Alicia was sleeping on Harrys shoulder and he didn't seem to mind all the boys were to caught up in the movie to care so I walked to my room and placed Mariah on my bed. I placed the covers over her and went onto the mini couch that was in the corner of my room. I watched her sleep for a while until I fell asleep myself.


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