When did this happen?

Mariah and her friend Alicia were going to a concert when suddenly they heard people they knew exactly who the were: One Direction. They were normal teenagers besides being the weirdest people ever. Will they be to scared to meet them though. Will they ever meet the people they love or will they never show themselves?


5. shes the best

Niall's POV

"rise and shine" I heard someone say.

"hmm?? what time is it?" I asked.

"sweetheart its 11, but I made breakfast for you and if you don't hurry ill eat it!" she says and I knew it was Mariah. I got up instantly.

"you don't mess with my food!" I scream and ran to the kitchen. I heard her laughing and running after me. "where are the boys?" I asked her when I got to the kitchen.

"Liam Louis and Zayn went to their girlfriends house and Harry went out with Alicia somewhere," she told me. she smiled and so did I. " sit down eat I have a special thing planned in a little while.

"your the best I don't know how I got blessed with someone as beautiful, sweet and amazing as you!" I say while hugging her.

"Well I don't know I got blessed with someone as handsome sweet and talented like you" She says. I love her so much I know we've only been going out for about a day but she is so sweet. she makes me smile by just looking at her. I feel like I actually did find my princess I feel like she is the one I am supposed to be with. I sat down and started eating.

"This is delicious!" I told her.

"so I've heard!" she  says back.

Mariah's POV

Niall is so perfect its not fair I love his beautiful blue eyes that are the color of the clear morning sky and he short blond hair that is just so perfect we have so much in common and he Irish accents gets me every time. How did I get him? Any girl  would love to be me! I feel like Im taking it for grant so I have to do something special just for him. I have to! I need to make sure he doesn't feel like I just want him for his riches and fame.

*10 minutes later*

"Are you done yet Niall? you've eaten just about everything I made!"

"Just about just one more bite,"

"Alright, so at around 4 we have to get ready to go ok?"

"where are we going please tell me!"

"NO its a surprise"

"Fine so what do you want to do now?"

"I don't know want to watch a romantic movie?"

"sure why not"

By the time we watched the end of the movie it was about 2:30 and Harry and Alicia were just getting home from where ever they were.

Alicia's POV

Me and Harry got out of the car and started toward the house.

"Harry that was so much fun we have to do that again sometime!"

Suddenly Harry got on one knee and took out a box.

" Alicia I don't want you to be a one night stand I actually want to take things slow and I want to be the luckiest guy in the world and ask you this. Alicia will you be my girlfriend?" As he opened the box he had a 25 cent ring. I had no choice but to say "Yes" this was the most romantic thing ever! Harry is so cute and I've loved him since One Direction became a band.

We walked in the house laughing and smiling. Mariah and Niall must of heard us because they were staring at us like were retards.

" Hey guys what up?" Mariah asked us.

"Oh nothing," Alicia said then looked up at Harry.


"Beside that were going out now!" we screamed.

"congrats" Mariah said running up to me.

"Niall walked over to harry and said congrats man!"

"Harry I swear if you hurt my friend im going to have Niall beat you up! This better not be one of your one night stands again!" Mariah says.

" Mariah calm down! I actually LOVE Alicia and I don't ever want to break her heart and if I do I will let Niall beat me up and that is a promise!" Harry states.

"same goes to you Niall Ill have Harry beat you up if you ever hurt Mariah!" Alicia says.

"Alright but I don't ever plan on hurting my princess!" Niall says.

*an hour later*

Mariah's POV

"Niall hurry up we have to get going!" I scream to Niall I the shower. "Your cloths are on the bed I picked them out for you ill be down stairs"

"Alright babe ill be out in a minute!" He says as the water turns off. I run down the stairs and get the picnic basket that I packed with mine and Niall's favorite food and a blanket and put it in the car. I hope this is going to be the best night ever! I run back into the house and sit on the couch. About 2 minutes later Niall comes down and he looked amazing.

"Niall you look phenomeniall" He smiled. "sorry I am a directioner still" we laughed.

"But im in pajamas" He said while laughing.

"so that doesn't mean anything.

"where are we going to a pajama party"  

"yes Niall that's exactly where were going!" I say sarcastically.

Shortly we arrived at a private area that I rented out for just me and Niall to watch the sun set together. We had the perfect sight. I made Niall cover his eyes when we got close so he didn't know where we were going just like he did to me at the concert. I lead him to the perfect spot and set the blanket and food down.

"Mariah you did this all for me?" He questioned.

"Yes I wanted to show you that I actually do care about you and love you with all my heart!" I say " I didn't want you to feel like I only liked you for your fame and riches!" I say and everything came from my heart.

Niall's POV

I have to say I was shocked. It actually made me cry.

"Niall are you ok?" she asked me.

"Im fine its just I never thought you were that person and you proved to me that you diffidently aren't that person and you really do love me that is all I ever wanted in a girl and you showed me that it is possible!" I say with tears going down my face.




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