When did this happen?

Mariah and her friend Alicia were going to a concert when suddenly they heard people they knew exactly who the were: One Direction. They were normal teenagers besides being the weirdest people ever. Will they be to scared to meet them though. Will they ever meet the people they love or will they never show themselves?


2. lost and more

We were about 5 minutes away from the concert and I was getting very nervous!

"Mariah I forgot to say Happy Birthday and im so sorry for yelling at you earlier this morning I just thought you were going crazy for this concert," Alicia said to me.

"Its ok Alicia I know you didn't mean it and thank you but its just another day in November," I said to her.

After that we finally got there. We got past security and started to find our seats that did not work out very well. We ended up going into a room where there were a bunch of plants next to windows and nobody was there it was very quiet and I didn't know where we were. Alicia and I kept walking until we ending up at seeing a bathroom.

"Alicia I think we should go to the bathroom while were here and then go and search for our seats after," I said then we started to go into the bathroom.

When we both got out of the stalls we washed our hands and I fixed my makeup. We walked out of the bathroom.

"Alright come on Alicia lets go find ou-" I started to say but then we heard people coming around the corner. We ran around and start hid before they could find us.

I peeked my head around the plant that I was hiding around just to see that there were 5 boys out there and I knew exactly who they were! Niall, Louis, harry, Liam, and Zayn.

"So she sent you a tweet on twitter and you fell in love with her?" Louis asked him.

"Yeah well kind of she sent me a tweet on twitter  saying she was going to be in the 3rd row and things like that and I favorited it and went onto her page looked at her twitter profile picture and kind of just fell in love with her," Niall said.

"Oh really what is her name on twitter?" Harry asked obviously trying to get another girl

"Just give me your phone Harry" Niall said.

and that was the last thing that I heard before they left and me and Alicia got out of our spot.

"Did you hear that he was soooo talking about you he likes you!" Alicia said almost screaming.

"No he wasn't talking bout me that could have been anyone!" I said to her.

"who else could it have been there in the 3rd row Niall favorited their status come on Mariah think it had to be you!" she said then someone was coming back so we hid again.

"ill be back I forgot something!" I heard a British accent. I turned around to look at who it was and saw that it was Louis, but then I realized that he was looking at me and I put my head back around the plant.

"hello, who are you?" Louis said while walking toward me.

I came out from the plant shaking and whispered: "Um my name is Mariah,"

"Hello Mariah are you lost how long have you been here? he asked me.

" yeah me and my friend were going to our seats and got lost somehow we ended up back here, and we were here for awhile we saw you and Niall, Harry, Liam, and Zayn before," I told him.

"well where is Your friend? also you know your not supposed to be here right?" he asked me.

"Alicia where are you and yeah I know but I don't know where I am and I don't know how to get out of here," I said still kind of shaking.

"Well Mariah and Alicia I love meeting new fans so im not going to call security on you so shhh and why are you shaking Mariah?" he asked me.

"Ok thank you so much Louis and because I love you and the rest of the band! I just wish I could meet Niall," I said 

"You can! Just come with me and who would you like to meet Alicia?" He said.

" I really wanted to meet you and Harry!"

"well you meet me kind of and lets go meet Niall and Harry for you guys and even better Liam and Zayn too!" Louis said very excitedly.

"Ok" me and Alicia said.

So me and Alicia started to follow Louis to the other boys. The other boys were sitting on a bench outside of the room we were just in.

They looked at all of us.

" Louis who are they?" Zayn asked?

I noticed that Niall and Harry were staring at me like I was some kind of super model which I was by far not one.

"This is Mariah" he said pointing to me "and this is Alicia" he said pointing to her.

"hello guys what are you guys doing with Louis?" Liam asked.

I was shaking just like I was when Louis was talking to me. " we were going to our seats and got lost but we ended up here," I told him.

"oh well maybe we should being you back to your seats then." Harry says looking like fate brought us here.

"wait no," Niall almost screams and then takes out his phone.

"this must be a dream?" I say then everyone looks at me like im a weirdo.

"what do you mean this must be a dream?" Louis asked me.

"opps did I say that out loud?"

"Yeah so why do you think that anyways?" they asked.

"because only in dreams have I thought I would ever meet you guys im in love with all of you and I thik that you Niall are amazingly adorable!" I said to them.

"She told me this would be the best birthday gift she could ever get!" Alicia adds in.

" and when is your birthday Mariah?" Niall asked me blushing from what I think is what I said before.

" Um actually its today," I said nervously.

"oh really" they said

"well HAPPY  BIRTHDAY" they all screamed and I blushed like an idiot.

Suddenly I heard all of there phones go off but Niall's and they all checked them and smiled.

Niall's POV

She was here I recognize her from her photo on twitter. She's more beautiful in person but the thing is she's wearing make up I can tell. The boys got there text and there text and smiled.
"Lets go bring them to there new seats why don't we lads?" I asked them. They smiled and nodded.t

"new seats?" Mariah said.

"yes your new seats!" I said.










Hey guys im so sorry if this chapter isn't good I wrote it and was about to publish but then something happened and it got erased so I wrote it over and changed it a lot so im so sorry. but if you think that the story is bad im also sorry I know im not the best writer, but comment what you think. :)


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