When did this happen?

Mariah and her friend Alicia were going to a concert when suddenly they heard people they knew exactly who the were: One Direction. They were normal teenagers besides being the weirdest people ever. Will they be to scared to meet them though. Will they ever meet the people they love or will they never show themselves?


8. Father of a Directioner

Niall's POV

The dude sat in front of me playing with the key to unlock these stupid chains.

"What do you want from me?" I asked him again.

 "You will find out in about an hour calm down" he finally answered me.

"Will you let me go after? I have to get back to my lads," I say "ill do whatever you have planed if you don't hurt me, but can you just unlock these chains my wrist hurt," I complained, and surprisingly it worked.

"god how do girls like you. You complain so much!" He says loosing his temper.

"im sorry but if you kidnap me and you wont tell me what im doing im going to complain," I tell him.

"whatever, but now that I have unlocked you chains you have to sing to my daughter and hang out with her for at least a 30 hour," he says smirking.

"But sir I have to get back to my lads they're probably worried sick about me," I say.

"Its her birthday!" he screams and I didn't know what to get her and I know she loves you and I didn't have enough money to get you to come here I had no choice but to kidnap you after all I just saw you laying in a valley with a girl" He says almost in tears.

"I guess I can stay here for a little while but can you at least let me call my lads?" I asked.

"Sure whatever but you can not I repeat CAN NOT tell them where you are and you have to tell them your fine. Also that you'll be back later today and don't have the police come after me!" He says in a stern voice.

"Alright I will,"

" alright sit right here let me see who your calling," He says handing me my cell phone. I dialed Mariah's number. on the second ring she picked up.

"Hello... Niall.... are you ok?? where are you??" she kept throwing all her questions at me and I sounds like she has been crying.

"Mariah calm down sweetie its ok im fine and you need to promise me something"

"ok anything"

"If you have the cops going after me tell them not to ok im fine ill be home later. ok??" I say. She started to talk to somebody.

"Ok I promise!" she says crying now." Just hurry back please I miss you!"

"Ill be back as soon as possible! Are all the boys with you?" asked her.

"Yes ill put you on speaker"

"Ok" I heard her put the phone down.

"Niall mate where are you," I heard them all scream.

"I cant say calm down ok? im fine and im going to tell you the same thing I did Mariah. You have to stop the police from looking for me ok im fine I swear ill be back later, Promise?"i asked and they all promised. "alright ill talk to you guys later! bye" I hung up when I heard a door open.

"That must be my daughter" "sweetie come here I have a huge surprise for you," he screamed across the house.

"coming!" she said she sounded about 10. good.

As she walked in she started to scream and run up to me. He hugged me so tight I thought I was going to pass out.

"Nicki Happy Birthday!" " Niall here is going to sing you a song and play with you for a little while, but i need you to promise something."

"anything daddy"

"when it is time for him to go you can not chase after him or have a hissy fit ok?" he said calmly.

"Ok daddy I promise"

"and if you break your promise then you are going to be grounded for a very long time you understand?"

"yes daddy"

"Ok Niall sing to her"

"Im going to sing you happy birthday ok Nicki?" I asked

"yes Niall! I love You!" Nicki screamed then sat down on the couch.

"Happy Birthday to you.."

Mariah's POV

"Guys im scared what if Niall is really hurt but is just saying hell be back later?" I say.

"Niall wouldn't lie to us. Its ok Mariah" Harry says.

*1 hour later*

"somebody has just pulled in the driveway!" I scream I heard the car door close. somebody knocked on the door and I ran to get it I opened the door to be disappointed. It wasn't Niall it was the pizza delivery man.

"who the hell ordered pizza at a time like this?" I screamed to everybody.

"Sorry Mariah were hungry!" Zayn says.

"im sorry guys but you know I've been waiting for Niall for an hour! Why didn't you find something in the kitchen?" I asked.

"because..." Harry says.

"do you guys even care that he is gone?" I asked getting annoyed.

" Of course but he said he is alright so he is fine ok? now let me get our pizza." Liam says. Liam got the pizza and holy crap did they order a lot.

"6 whole pizzas guys really?" I asked.

"yeah were hungry" Louis says. Then we all dug in.

Niall's POV

I walked through the door, but nobody was there.

"Hey guys thanks for caring and waiting for me to get home" he says.

"Hello. Excuse me you guys are eating pizza without me???" I screamed. Mariah turns around and screams.

"Niall your back! I missed you soooooo much and I love you with all my heart. Im so sorry that happened to you! Its all my fault!" I almost started to cry.

"Mariah none of this is your fault don't blame it on yourself please I missed you too and I love you! I say nearly in tears. I really did missed her so much. I don't want that to happen ever again! I cant stand not being by Mariah and the lads side.

"I love you Mariah. I love you with all my heart!" I say in pride!




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