When did this happen?

Mariah and her friend Alicia were going to a concert when suddenly they heard people they knew exactly who the were: One Direction. They were normal teenagers besides being the weirdest people ever. Will they be to scared to meet them though. Will they ever meet the people they love or will they never show themselves?


1. Getting Ready

"Mariah, hold on! we still have 3 hours to get there we have time your to excited!" Alicia screamed at me.

"I am not to excited to see the hottest boys alive! Don't worry im not even close to being done I have to do everything take a shower put make up on and everything else its ok!" I yelled at her. All I was doing was picking out my cloths for the concert.

"Yeah well your rushing calm down!" she says.

I got One Direction tickets and I decided to invited Alicia to come with me. She's been nagging me to stop getting ready for like a half hour all I wanted to do was look nice for the boys I am in love with who I doubt will ever love me back or even notice me. Anyways I had pretty good seats we were on the ground in the 3rd row but I still don't think they will see us. I decided to make Alicia happy and take a break I mean I have my cloths picked out now. I was going to wear my favorite yoga pants that took forever to find and a shirt that had an Irish flag on it. I love Niall so I figured why not support his country or whatever.

I grabbed my phone and went on twitter before I got in a shower. I went on to Niall's page and tweeted him going to your concert tonight! :) so excited just wish you would notice me im in the 3rd row :). After I sent that I put my phone on my bed grabbed my cloths and went to the bathroom.

Alicia's POV

I thought Mariah was going a little crazy over this concert thing but I guess I understand why. This is her favorite band. Suddenly I heard kiss you go off by Mariah's bed. It must be her phone. I decided to pick it up and check it. It was a notification on twitter. I opened the app and I noticed that someone favorited one of her status' I looked at it in shock for a few minutes before I heard the bathroom door start to open so I quickly put her phone down and walked back over to the mirror to make it seem like I was getting ready.

Mariah's POV

When I got out of the shower I got dressed and walked out of the bathroom. I saw Alicia run to the mirror what was she hiding?

" Hey Alicia what were you doing over there that you were in such a hurry to get back to the mirror?" I asked her suspiciously.

"What are you talking about Mariah I was over here the whole time!" she said a bit to fast and I could tell she knew it too.

"Ok well let me just walk over to my bed and see what's so important over here," I said to her before she spat out:

"your phone started to play kiss you so I checked it no big deal,"

"but kiss you only plays when I get a notification on twitter," I said questionably.

I walked over to my bed and went on to twitter.

"@NiallOfficial favorited your status!" I started to scream! "OMG OMG OMG OMG he noticed me this is the best day ever!" I screamed.

"That's why I didn't want to tell you!" Alicia said to me.

"Sorry," I said still kind of excited. "Alright Alicia we have an hour and a half we have to get ready now! I say.

I started to put make up on when Alicia came over to me and with her cloths and said "you know you don't need that right?"

" yes I do!" I said then started to brush my long brown hair while she gave me a dirty look and walked into the bathroom.


"Alicia come on we have to get going," I told her as we just finished putting on our shoes.

" ok lets go!" I said.

Then we walked out the door and went to my car.

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