Help Me, I'm Drowning

Julie is starting her first year at Woodland Patch Middle School. She was never popular and that never bothered her. But something changed on that first day of school. Now she is partying, making bad choices, and starting to self harm. This story shows the struggle almost every teen goes through, but what they do is their choice.


1. My name is...

The pressure to be perfect drowns a girl in her teen years. The need to be thin and beautiful is overwhelming, especially when you're me entering 7th grade. I went from innocent girl to a mess in a matter of weeks. I was drowning in adulthood. Bad decisions galore...

My name is Julie. I was the quiet role model of my 6th grade class because if my good behavior and being well liked by my teachers. I was never well liked by children my age, so starting middle school at Woodland Patch Middle School wouldn't be any different, school wise or me. But something snapped and I became different.
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