Realitys Revenge

Lily HATES One Direction. On the other hand her Best Friend Sarina LOVES!! One Direction. Lily gets dragged to a concert in Madison Square Garden,but does she enjoy it? what happens to her? love? or plain old revenge...


1. the begining

'' LILY GET UP ITS THE 1D CONCERT TODAY!!!!'' I heard my best friend-rr only friend... Sarina YELL while she was jumping on my stomach.'' if..'' i said in pain. she sat next to me and leand over grabbing my cheeks and pinching them.'' its the 1D concert today, yes it is yes it is! '' '' get off me.. im really trying not to get up and hurt you... its really hard right now..'' i said between my teeth '' you know you love me! '' she said getting up and shrugging '' unfortunetly i do.. '' i said laughing a bit'' LETS GO CRAZY,CRAZY,CRAZY TILL WE SEE THE SUN!'' i heard Sarina yell while i was in the bathroom. silly gal!

**At The Concert**

Sarina begged me to wear somthing nice but i just wore a celtics jersey shirt,some skinnies,a celtics snapback, and converse. Nice enough! We waited for them to run on stage ans Sarina started screaming '' I LOVE YOU HARRY!!!! '' most ehmbarasing moment....ever....Sarina was wearinga pick 'i love 1D' shirt,some skinnies,DC's,and her signature purple/pink hat.the concert started and i just sat down. here we go! 

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