Looking For Miranda [Book: 1]

"We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone."

Miranda runs away, love lost, body broken, will she find love? Or will it eventually tear her up inside? Will she ever trust anyone besides her best-friend, or can two boys open her eyes to something she thought she had lost in the past?

One Direction Fanfiction.


26. Chapter Twenty Five


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~Miranda's POV~


I could feel something, and hear it too. It was warm, and cold at the same time.

I could hear some noises, crying? Was there talking too? Yes, I could hear familiar voices, but I didn't know who's.

They sounded so familiar though.


~Harry's POV~

(Haven't had one of these in a while)


He said she was only going to live another hour or so, until they took her off life support. 

The paps were outside the hospital, just now, after about two months, realizing we were here.

But still, only one more hour, I started screaming and crying at the same time, not caring who saw me.


They were going to take her off about now. I couldn't stand watching, but somehow I did.

The beeping stopped, her heart just died.

I ran out the door as fast as my long legs would take me.


~Miranda's POV~


Some weird beeping noises I had heard went away, it was hard for me to stay in my head at this point, but I kept on fighting.

I kept pushing this giant weight off of me, it was soft, but very heavy. Like one of those mega plush toys couples would give each other.

I couldn't remember if I had a boyfriend or not, but I could clearly remember one name.


And Trent, and my Grams.

But anyways, I felt the giant plush toy lift off of my shoulders, I think they were my shoulders.

I heard a gasp. And then more tears.

I tried to flutter my eyes open, but all I could manage was moving my foot, it pry looked like a spasm.

Too bad.

"Ermahgerd!!! Her fert merved!!!!" I heard a muffled yell, and I guessed the person said, 'Oh my God!!!! Her foot moved!!!" 

Someone saw me? It kind of sounded like Trent, I needed to see her, she was like family.

Hell, she was family.

I mustered up as much strength I could get, after moving my foot and managed to blink my eyes a few times.

In succeeding to do that, I felt like I had won a tournament, I opened my eyes completely.

Who were these people? I saw a man in a pharmacy coat, so probably the doctor, Trent, and two more boys, buzz cut, and blonde.

Who were they?


~The Doctor's POV~

This was a miracle.

Miracle was the only word that could describe it.


~Harry's POV~


I was outside in the alley when Niall came up to me, beaming. I got so mad, how could he be happy when Miranda just died.

"HOW COULD YOU BE SMILING WHEN THE LOVE OF OUR LIVES JUST DIED!?!?!?!? HOW COULD YOU BE SO... SO... SO..." I couldn't think of a word low enough to describe how I felt about him right now.

"She didn't die. She's awake, the doctor said it was a miracle!" He started jumping, like even he thought it couldn't be real, I needed to see her if she was awake.

"Don't be fucking with me man, is this for real?" He nodded, that was all I needed.

I ran as fast as I could back in to her room, not even asking the nurse, I didn't really give two fucks.

"Miranda!!" I hugged her so tightly, pecking her forehead.

"I-I'm sorry, who are you?" 


I think that just about broke my heart.


Don't be mad! The chapters will be getting longer, I have a snow day today (Hallelujah!!!) and I will update again, with a longer chapter. 

What do you guys think? Should she remember the boys? Up to what point did she remember to?

Will she ever remember?

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