Looking For Miranda [Book: 1]

"We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone."

Miranda runs away, love lost, body broken, will she find love? Or will it eventually tear her up inside? Will she ever trust anyone besides her best-friend, or can two boys open her eyes to something she thought she had lost in the past?

One Direction Fanfiction.


4. Chapter Three

(A/N) Thanks to all you beautiful snowflakes that have been reading this! It's not the best but I'm trying for you guys ; ) Love yall's Sorry I didn't post any yesterday, I don't think... I was busy with New Year's and all  -Della<3

~Miranda's POV~


"You don't know you're beautiful, oh oh, that's what makes you beautiful!" Trent and I were singing to One Direction on the radio. Jilly was asleep, I wondered how she could sleep with us there. We loved One Direction but could never afford to get tickets. Maybe someday... I was just thinking about us going to California, I heard they had a concert there and maybe my grandma could lend us a few extra bucks and we could after all see them. No, I couldn't, not if she was gonna look after Jilly for me. We had like 10 miles left to get to my grandma's house. It's been a week after we left Seattle.

"Is something wrong?" Trent looked at me with worried eyes.

"Err.. No, I was just thinking that One Direction had a concert there, right by my grandma's house. But we couldn't afford it if we want to stay here. Do you think we should ask my grandma or aunt and uncle for some more money? They are, after all, pretty rich." I didn't want to take advantage of them, they were on my mom's side of the family and they never really liked my dad. I couldn't blame them, he was a jerk most of the time, they seemed happy when I called them and told them I ran away and was coming to see them.

"I guess, a few hundred won't put a dent in any of their pockets," She smirked and I knew what she was thinking. "and if we get jobs we could always pay them back right?" I knew she was right.

"Okay. We'll have to hurry up and get them, they'll be on sale in like a day. Two because Jilly will stay and we'll tell her we're going on dates. She won't mind, she doesn't like them, Directionator" We started laughing at the last part because we annoyed her that whole week while driving, singing.

"I think I'll call my grandma and tell her we'll be there soon. So she can get ready. We can look for apartments today and tomorrow since it's only like 6AM." A smile was plastered on my face because I knew my grandma was loaded and would give us like $500 bucks. Can you say, "backstage passes"?

I called her and everything was settled. We were driving past the park that was next to her house and right as we were pulling into her driveway, something that hit the windshield.

A soccerball.

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