Looking For Miranda [Book: 1]

"We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone."

Miranda runs away, love lost, body broken, will she find love? Or will it eventually tear her up inside? Will she ever trust anyone besides her best-friend, or can two boys open her eyes to something she thought she had lost in the past?

One Direction Fanfiction.


31. Chapter Thirty




Aaannnyyywwayysss, I will be ending this story soon. Don't cry!!! There will be at least 10 more chapters.

LOOK AT MY BEAUTIFUL NEW COVER ALSO!!!!!!!!! Heheh, I'm so very proud of myself...

Okay but anyways, tell me what you want to happen, who you ship (Mirall or Marry?) and if you want something to happen, tell me please!!! Everybody only says something like, "Please update!!!" and it gets really like, seriously, I'm going to, and just tell me something besides to update pleassseeee!!!!!!!!!!!!


~Miranda's POV~


I woke up with someone's strong arms around me, what?

"Mmmm." He groaned as I turned to face the person. Niall. Memories from last night flashed in my head.

Let's see, who haven't I broke down in front of? I didn't feel like trying to think so I woke Niall up.

"Wake up, it's nine." I looked over at the clock.

"OH MY GOD!!! Wait, we didn't do... anything, right?" He rubbed his hair, he looked so cute with bed head.

"No! You didn't want to go back and I offered you to stay here. I guess you could've slept in Trent's bed. Uhmm, oh well." 

"Yeah, well I should probably be going. Tell the lads where I was and all. Bye Mir'" He left and I couldn't help but feel a little lonely. Then I remembered that Trent and I were going to do something sometime. Why not now?

I called her cellphone, her picking up on the 3rd ring, "Hey Mir'!" Wow, she sounded chipper.

"Hey Trent, wanna have the 'Girls' day' today?" I asked, "Definitely! I've missed you so much! And I have to tell you some news too!" I could just see her smile in my head.

"Sounds great, come over in half an hour." "Can do, see you then!" I don't know, but her happiness rubbed off on me, and by the time she got here, I was all giddy.

"Hey!! I feel like we haven't talked in ages! Even though we just did." I giggled, "Yeah, let's go to the ice cream parlor?" She nodded and we went walking there, since it was about two minutes away.

"So what did you have to tell me?" I asked on the way there, "Oh yeah! Liam and I are going to get an apartment and move in together after the tour. I hope you don't mind, and then we are invited to go on the tour with them." She just put it all out there like it was nothing, I mean, seriously?!?!?

"Yeah, I need to stop being so forward, Louis of all people told ME that. HE told ME!" Damn, I needed to stop speaking my thoughts. 

"When's the tour start?" She beamed, "In a month." Wow, I needed to take all of this in.

"Okay, let's discuss it after we order." She nodded and we went into the little parlor.

After Trent ordered Strawberry and I ordered Blueberry Waffle Cone, she was old style while I was different, we began talking again.

"So we're invited? Do they really want us to burden them with two extra people?" She replied, "They said they don't mind, and I already asked them all basically every question possible, they said they'll cover expenses, they'll supply shelter and whatever. They have everything taken care of with management too, they were really responsible this time." I nodded. 

Wow, I was going on tour with One Direction. Damn.

"It seems like so much to take in. I mean, I basically just woke up, and then now this, what next? Is Zayn going to have a baby?" I joked, but her face got serious.

"Zayn's having a baby? How did he get pregnant? WHAT?!?!?" I shouted.

Trent burst out laughing, "Bahaha, you seriously. Though. Zayn. Was. Pregnant. Oh. My. Potatoes." She coughed in between lines.

"Ass." I punched her arm smiling.

"So anyways, we're going on tour with One Direction. Wow. I never would have thought! Like four months or something ago we were just getting out of our horrid town, now we're... Going on tour with One Direction. Oh. My. God." Shit just got real. It hit me, I was seriously going on a tour with One Direction, not to mention with my best friend. I kept repeating that to myself as we went home after our 'Girls' day', which was only a mere ice cream trip.

"Ayee, so did you tell her the good news?" Liam greeted us in the boy's house. I nodded and went over to him for a hug.

"When we get back from the tour, you better take care of her in your apartment, or I will personally cut off your Payne Train and shove it up your..."  "WOAH WOAH!!!! Miranda, he gets it!" Trent and I started laughing while Liam just looked horrified at my graphic-ness.

"I'mm kidding, I'm just kidding. Don't worry. I wouldn't do that. Well. If you hurt her in any way, there will be hell to pay." He nodded, "Yes master." He joked. Gotta love the boys.

Speaking of which, "Where are the rest of the boys?" I asked, curious.

"Oh, yeah, they're still sleeping. Niall went back to sleep at about 8:30." It was only about 9:30. But I got an evil idea at that point in time.

"How about we go wake them up? My way?" I asked as Trent looked at me mischievously. "Your way?" The boy to my left asked, "Water balloons filled with mayonnaise." He smiled, "I like the way you think."

Well, I thought he was going to be like, no. Being the responsible one.

We filled up about three water balloons for each boy, of course, with mayo. "How about we bring them on their mattresses outside onto the beach, so their rooms don't get gross?" Liam needed to be nice, but Trent and I nodded anyways. We wouldn't want to have to help clean, now would we?

"Okay, how about we bring out Louis first, then Harry, and Niall, but last Zayn? That's probably who will wake up from least likely when we're 'transporting' them." He would know best, so we imitated our previous action and brought the water balloons out onto our set spot on the beach.

We got each pf the boys out successfully, but Louis surprisingly almost woke up. He was mumbling something to 'Harry', something like, "No, Harry please. Don't leave me! We need to be together!!!" Aww, what a cute Larry Stylinson moment. But I personally ship Elounor, Narry, and Ziam to be exact. Well More so Tint (Liam and Trent) But for boys. And then Eleanor. I wondered if we would ever meet her, oh well.

I was brought back into reality with Liam's deep British voice, "Okay, I'll take Zayn, Trent you take Louis, and Miranda you don't mind both Harry and Niall, do you?"  "Nope, it would be my pleasure." I whispered.

"Okay, One, Two, ATTACK!!!" The boys jumped up right when Trent yelled ATTACK. It was our opportunity to strike, Louis was hit first, right in the face, with Liam scoring next on Zayn's stomach. I hit Harry and Niall at the same time, covering their faces with the white condiment. I was a good aim when it came to both hands throwing at the same time.

I hit them both again in the stomach and thigh areas when they were in shock, left without anymore ammo, I ran for it. Liam and Trent were trying to save each other from Zayn and Louis as they tried to hug them with mayonnaise. 

After about ten seconds of not looking back, I peeked, just to see two certain boys jumping on me, soaking my feather romper with the white pus-like substance. Not to mention that it smelled like shit.

"Oh, hi boys." I smiled as they basically squished my guts out.

"Hi Miranda." They said in unison. "So, you're crushing me. Please get off." I said casually.

"Oh, yeah, sorry." Niall chuckled as they both pushed up off me. "That was hilarious, but I'm glad that you wore clothes. I've been told that you usually don't." I winked at the one with curly hair.

"Don't pretend you wouldn't like seeing me naked." Harry wrapped his arm around my shoulder as we walked back. 

"Oh, but I would." I sarcastically told him.

"You know it!" We all chuckled. 

"Oh yeah, Trent was supposed to tell you something? Did she?" Niall started, "Oh yeah, did everyone but me know?" I asked.

"Pretty much, we found out yesterday." Niall looked at me, "And you didn't tell me!?!" He nodded.

"Thanks." I smiled. These boys were so childish, waiting for Trent to tell me the amazing news.

"You know, if one of you would have told me, I would be so happy with you." I batted my eyelashes. Pretending to be seductive, failing miserably.

"Oh, well, now I'm sad." Harry came into our conversation. I smiled at his cheekiness. 

"Well, I'll go change, let you too also, but maybe do you want to do something afterwards?" They nodded their heads furiously, I wondered how their heads didn't hurt.

"Okay, meet me on my porch in ten minutes." With that I was off to change.

I couldn't wait to hang out with the boys.


Kay, so this was kind of just a fun chapter. It was basically just a filler and something to foreshadow the future in the story. Anyways, the next chapter will be longer I promise, I've really had super bad writer's block, gimme ideas please! Anything! I need some help! Just tell me something to put in it!

Okay, bye. 


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