Looking For Miranda [Book: 1]

"We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone."

Miranda runs away, love lost, body broken, will she find love? Or will it eventually tear her up inside? Will she ever trust anyone besides her best-friend, or can two boys open her eyes to something she thought she had lost in the past?

One Direction Fanfiction.


33. Chapter Thirty Two


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~Miranda's POV~


"Harry! Get your hand off of my thigh!" I pushed his enormous hand away from my central area. I had to sit oon his lap because there were only 5 seats in Niall's Jeep, which Louis was driving as of now. Trent was on Liam's lap on the passenger side of the backseat and Niall was in the middle. Zayn called shotgun, that bitch.

"Try not to get too physical back there!" I heard Louis say, I just groaned. 

"Oh yeah, and we have a surprise for you guys. I can't wait my balls are bouncing from eagerness."

I noticed a wink come from the rear view mirror, oh Louis. Gotta love that sexual boy. He can make anything awkward and/or sexual.

"No no no!!! Naughtyness! Stop the naughty!" Liam took Trent's hands and covered his ears. It was so cute because her arms were all out and weird and she looked pretty uncomfortable.

"Dammit. Stop kicking me Niall!" Harry basically screamed into the back of  my head, I decided to slam it backwards to make him shut his face.

"Oww! You cunt!" I then heard an Irish accent, did I hit Niall instead?

"Sorry! It was meant for Harry here." I gave him an apologetic look as he rubbed his forehead. Now I felt all bad, stupid conscience!! 

"Hit me if you want, or else my conscience will be bugging me this whole night and I won't have any fun. It wasn't meant for you because you weren't doing anything." I held out my arms so he could punch me anywhere.

"I'm not punching you! You didn't mean to hit me!" Stupid boy, "NO! You will hit me, I will not take no for an answer!" 

"Well you will because I'm not hitting you, Miranda!" I frowned, "No! Now hit me or I will tape your balls to your left nipple." He looked scared this time, so he hit me in the gut. 

"You hit like a girl." I smiled. He honestly did. The boy crossed his arms and pouted by looking out the other window. 

"Aww, is baby leprechaun upset?" Harry laughed from behind me, he said it in a pouty voice and puffed out his lower lip, it was cute.

"No! I'm just offended that she should question my manliness! I am a man, not a wimpy little boy!" He flexed his biceps and triceps and I was actually a little surprised. It wasn't just flub, it was full on muscle.

"Hey, crank up the music, maybe it will shut them up for the next ten minutes." Trent started complaining, leave it to her...

"We are not sorry!! Never! We'll sing along!" I shouted, and then Troublemaker by Olly Murs came on.

"Damn, cover your ears, she's a good singer when she tries to be, but not when she tries to annoy me." Her head was in her hands, ears plugged.

"You had me hooked again from the minute you sat down,                                                                                                      The way you bite your lip got my head spinning around.

After a drink or two, I was putty in your hands.                                                                                                                                   I don't know if I have the strength to stand.

Oh ohh, trouble troublemaker yeah that's your middle name.

Oh ohh, I know you're no good, but you're stuck in my brain." I screamed at the top of my lungs, as did Harry and Niall.  People in Africa could probably hear us. After a few more songs, we arrived at the pier.  

"Louis, don't get too excited because then you'll go all loco crazy babe." I heard an unfamiliar voice outside of the Jeep, I looked over and it was, the lovely, the Eleanor! 

"Oh my god! It's Eleanor Fucking Calder!" I laughed at Trent screaming, she always wanted to meet her.

"And I'm guessing you're Trent? Oh, and then Miranda, darling?" We all got out, which was probably a sight to see. I nodded my heads toward Eleanor and held my hand out.

"Screw this, I'm coming in for a hug!" Eleanor pulled me in and, of course, Trent enveloped us in a group hug too.

"Wow! I like you girl, you're so ongoing! Miranda, are you as crazy as I can see Trent is, because we'll get along easily!" I laughed again, smiling.

"Do you talk, love?" She kept on going, "Oh yeah, sorry. I guess I forgot my words! We should hurry up and get to the pier!" I took Trent and Eleanor in hand as we ran to the booth to get tickets or bracelets for rides.

"Let's wait for the guys. I haven't seen Louis in like two or three months and I need my Lou-time!" Eleanor put her hands on her hips as the boys ran to us, "Took you guys long enough!" She grabbed Louis and they got bracelets for unlimited rides.

The rest of us followed and we parted ways, Elounor (Eleanor+Louis) went to the Ferris Wheel (Mental Aww), Lint (Liam+Trent) went to the kiddie roller coaster caterpillar thing, and Zayn and Harry went to the crazy mirrors. I was with Niall and we were going to go get food. Yupp, the whole pier, and we get food.

"We'll take two cotton candy's, a bag of popcorn, a corndog, and two chicken skewers please." I obliged to him paying, because to put it in an easy way, I was shit broke. I needed to save money for a new laptop, Trent broke mine kind of. It may or may not have hit the wall and shattered into a billion jillian pieces when she was jumping up and down and dancing with it in her hands. Well...

"I get the chicken skewers and you get the corndog! I get a cotton candy and we share the popcorn!" I immediately dictated which food we each got.

"Well then, what if I wanted the chicken skewers? I did after all pay." Oh, so now the boy was going to pull the, "I payed..." scheme, Hell to the no!

"If you wanted the chicken then you can go screw yourself with that corndog. Those little bitches are mine!" People should know better than to get in between my beloved food and I. Yes, even Niall knew better.

"Fine. But you owe me." I smiled. "Anything as long as I get me my skewers." He chuckled lightly, "You're so cute." It was supposed to be a whisper, but it wasn't.

We both immediately blushed, I was awkward when receiving compliments from guys.

"Thanks." I bit into the chicken and it was heaven. I finished them both, but Niall bit off a chunk when I was looking around to see what to do next.

"Okay, now that the food's gone, let's go somewhere!" Niall pulled me up, and it basically popped a burp out of my mouth.

"Oh my, excuse me." We burst out laughing due to my manly burp. Everyone stared at us and we just walked away.

"Let's go in there!" It was titled 'Tunnel of Scares!'. It sounded pretty not-scary, but I didn't feel like arguing and I wasn't one to pass up a scare, even if it wasn't going to be cliche.

We got in a two person capsule thing and it shot us forwards. I couldn't see my hand in front of my face and I started screaming, "My hand has disappeared, oh my shitload of bricks I lost my hand it's all gone. Nope, no more right hand, bye bye left hand. Shut the front oven where are you Niall!?!" A large hand covered my mouth and I bit it.

"Damn, I should have remembered that you're a biter. Sorry but I'm right 'ere. You're hands are still alive, don't worry." At this point, there were green strobe lights and I was momentarily blinded. I cursed under my breath.

There was a shadow I depicted beside Niall' it was a few feet back though. I shivered, due to my nature.

 "Lo-ook." I screamed as a hand touched my thigh. Did I mention I hated being touched when it was dark, when I couldn't see the toucher? Well, yeah.

"Shh, it's just me. Maybe we shouldn't have come on this ride." He declared, but at that point the light was coming from in front of us, we realised it was the lights from the pier and we got out at the designated point.

"That wasn't even scary. What got you so worked up babe?" Niall wrapped his arm around my shoulder and I told him, "I'm just a little afraid of being touched in the dark." He laughed.

"Haha, I was when I was like, two. Let's go on that now!" He pointed to a tall thing, it dropped when it got to the top. I loved heights and drops and it looked about forty feet in the air. Dang.

"Cabbage go!" I pulled him this time, eager to be dropped. Haha, that sounds retarded.

"Please take your shoes off here, due to a possibility of losing them on the ride. Stay strapped in and do not unlatch your restraint. It could lead to a fatality." The grumpy dude told us as we climbed in the seats that were placed in a circle stretching around the pillar.

"Are you scared?" Niall asked me, "No, I love heights and drops." I smiled as we were lifted to the top of it, and dropped, everyone screamed in fear around us. I just smiled the whole way down, not making a noise.

"That. Was. Awesome!" I cheered and we went on it five more times before the guy told us to leave. What was up his vagina?

"Let's meet up with the lads now, I just got a text." Niall dragged me along to the middle of the pier, it was made at this part so there was water in the middle and wooden planks in a surrounding part. People were swimming down there and I definitely put that on my mental bucket list. 

We were there, where they texted us to meet up, but still waiting. After a few minutes we decided to call them, but Niall put it on speaker phone and set it down in between the sitting us.

"Hello? Niall? Watch out!" Liam talked into the phone right as Harry and Zayn came running towards us two and pushed us into the water.

I screamed, it being a three foot drop into the ocean. 

I hit the water with a splash and it brought back horrific memories. I loved swimming, but Scott had ruined that years ago.

I panicked and froze up, I felt a hand on my waist and I blacked out.


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