Looking For Miranda [Book: 1]

"We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone."

Miranda runs away, love lost, body broken, will she find love? Or will it eventually tear her up inside? Will she ever trust anyone besides her best-friend, or can two boys open her eyes to something she thought she had lost in the past?

One Direction Fanfiction.


38. Chapter Thirty Seven



~Miranda's POV~


*One Week Later*

"Molly's coming later today, so you guys want to go out somewhere?" None of us liked her, and I hate her.
"Sure! The movies?" I suggested that, I mean, who could go wrong with that?
Now we were in France, I think. I had no idea, I didn't even care.

"They have movie theaters here? Are they all in Spanish?" Oh Trent, none of us, besides the boys knew where we were.

"No, they're French, we ARE in FRANCE." Harry gave her a DUH look and we all laughed. Woo! I was right.
"There are some English ones." Louis exlaimed, "GOOD!" Liam probably just wanted to make out with Trent, and the same with her.

"Okay, any movie's okay with me, I nominate Zayn to buy, and I will get the food, considering I have the best taste." I proudly stood up with amazing posture that I didn't have.

"Says the girl with pink hair!" "Trent did this to me! It'll only last two more months, I didn't wanna strip it." Eleanor flew over and hugged me.

"The fuck bro?" I chuckled, "I don't know, you looked nice and huggable." "Alright, whatever tickles your peach." We all talked for another few hours, until it was time to leave.

"Here's to avoiding a bitch!" I raised my strawberry crush, best drink ever, and everyone toasted with their caffeinated beverages."Who's a bitch?" Niall walked into the back room just as I said that. "Molly. Go away." I was bitter towards him, he deserved it. It was the first step of Plan B. He rolled his eyes and walked away. Good.

"Wow. Harsh." Louis smiled at me, he was notified of the plan after El spilled the beans to him. Otherwise, Trent, Eleanor, Louis, and me were the only ones who knew of the plan.
(Bitches I'm not telling you details, keep you wondering ;))

We left for the movies, El and I were going to see a comedy, Trent and Liam were going to a chick flick, and the rest were going to an action movie. We didn't care which movie we saw, so we just picked categories.I got each group two buckets of popcorn, 2 Nestle Crunch boxes to pour in, amazing by the way, and everybody got their own drink. I, of course, got a blue slushy, because those are the best frozen drinks ever.

When El and I walked into the theater, there were two cute boys sitting on the top row, and alone. Typical. "Hey boys, my friend right here is single and ready to mingle!" We four were the only ones in there, I have no idea why.

"El!" I punched her and smiled. "Hi, I'm Brett, and this is David." I said hi, and we sat by them. I was going to kill Eleanor when we left. "I'm Miranda." "Yeah, my girlfriend just texted me, I gotta go bro. See you later." I wondered why two American guys were in France.

"So, that was David, and he's gone. You're Brett and you're an American. Why are you here? Not to be rude, haha." I felt my cheeks get warm, but they never get red.

"I don't mind, and yeah, that was David. And I'm here on a college scholarship." I nodded, smiling. I didn't finish high school, and even though I was a straight-A student, I would need to finish before going there.

"Ah, cool. This is my friend El, and we're here because of One Direction." He chuckled to himself, "Going to a concert?" We nodded.

"Yes and no, I'm Louis' girlfriend, and Miranda is our friend. We're on tour with them." His eyes bugged out.

"Woah, so I'm basically sitting next to famous people? Score." I liked this guy, he was cool.

"Yupp." I said, "Well can I get your number? So I can say I know a famous person? And maybe other reasons?" I grinned at him, we exchanged phones and watched the movie.

At one point all three of us were laughing and he spilled his drink on me, my luck.

"Sorry. Uhm." He took some napkins and started wiping at it, it was awkward because it spilled on my crotch area.

"I can clean myself up, but thanks. I'll be back in a few minutes." I went to the bathroom. I was so lucky that I always had a pair of gym shorts in my purse, even though it was a  messenger bag type. I always wanted to be safe, so I had a pair in every purse of mine, it was a thing I'd done since eight grade. I have no idea why.

I changed into those, I looked okay, because I had a long sleeved Aero shirt on.

"Back." I plopped back down on my seat, not caring if it was wet, it had napkins all over it.

"Sorry, hey, where'd you get those pants?" I burst out into a fit of giggles. "My purse." I died laughing for no reason, it was just weird to other people, I could just guess.

"Alright." He said just as if it was as normal as the sun rising and setting every day.

The movie finished with no other extraordinary events, so we told eachother we would keep in touch, and El pulled me away when we went to the cars, "Is he the rubber chicken in Plan B?" 

"What?" "The decoy, the one you're using to make Niall jealous?" I nodded, smiling. I would feel bad using him, but I needed to do this.

The rest of the movie gang came out, Trent and Liam were crying and the other three looked as normal as ever.

"Then Jack died, and Rose was still alive. Oh my God Miranda hold me." You think this was Trent? Nope, it was Liam. I pulled him into a huge hug and gathered everyone else around me. Group hug!

"And - And it happened in real life too!" He sobbed into my shoulder, we were really close because of Trent. I loved him like a brother, I could swear he was my long lost one.

We went back to the hotel, hoping that Niall and Molly wouldn't be there. 

We all let out a sigh of relief when Zayn went into their room and there was a note.


I know you don't like Molly, but she's a really great girl, give her a chance.


It was in his really messy handwriting, so everyone knew it was his.

Me, give Molly a chance? Not after what she did to me. Nope, nada.

That bitch could go fuck herself with a cactus for all I care, hasta la vista biatcho.

"NEVER!!" I shouted and ripped the note in two. I made it as dramatic as possible, everyone cracked up.

"Okay, we're having a sleepover in my room, El, Mir, you come with me you little whores." Trent pulled us 'little whores' into her room, and we started our sleepover by talking about why we all hate Molly.

"Well, she just gives me a bad vibe, I don't know." That was Eleanor, and then Trent,"I remember her from school. She was the biggest bitch ever, she would make fun of you, Miranda, because of pure jealousy. I just despise her with my whole being." Now it was my turn

"Yeah, well she would tell me that my mom killed herself, it wasn't an accident, and that it was my fault. I knew better, but it always came into my mind. She would make fun of me because I'm not the tallest girl in the world, but she was only like two inches taller than me. She was the school's personal slut, sleeping with every guy possible, and her dad was the Superintendent, so she got away with everything. I will never forgive her, she can just go to a desert and eat sand." I was fuming at the thought of her, so I didn't make much sense.

The rest of the night we just talked and shit, watching a movie or two, eating. And my favorite, eating even more. 

It was a fun girl night until the next morning, when Niall barged in with Molly.

"Hey, Molly wanted to meet Miranda, so could she come and hang with you three?" I frowned, "She's already met me, we don't have the best past." Her face looked hurt, what a bitch. She should become an actress, her emotions showed through to me though, she was planning something, I felt it in my gut.

"Really? I don't remember any Miranda in my past." Her face was displaying fake emotions, die you slut, die.

"Well I was just going to go out with the girls,we have an appointment at a diner, and it's full, so you can't come." Trent stepped up for me,thank you.

"Well, I see how it is." Niall walked out with Molly, I smiled in victory.

"Good job girls, now to just exterminate the pest. We need a plan to make Niall jealous and her break up with him, because he's trying to make you jello, Miranda." I grinned at the thought, that's what Plan B was, and now it was fully in action.

I called Brett and we arranged plans for a date tonight, get ready for hell, Niall.


Sooo, this was late, I'm sorry. We just got out of school and I stayed at a friend's house.

Well, if you go back to chapter 24, read the note at the end, I changed it.





And sorry for the shorter chapter, I was in a rush and had nothing else in my brain. Because of this I'll make it at least 40 chapters and the maximum being 42. LOVE YOU <333

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