Looking For Miranda [Book: 1]

"We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone."

Miranda runs away, love lost, body broken, will she find love? Or will it eventually tear her up inside? Will she ever trust anyone besides her best-friend, or can two boys open her eyes to something she thought she had lost in the past?

One Direction Fanfiction.


14. Chapter Thirteen


~Miranda's POV~


Before I could think, my mouth opened and I spoke, "I like you both too." I instantly covered my mouth and ran out the door, shutting  myself in the bathroom, again. Wow, it was like a routine when they were over. I decided on taking a shower, they could snoop, I didn't care. I knew that they wouldn't take anything. I turned on the shower and stripped down, I heard mumbles outside my door thought. I put my ear to the door as the water got warm and I heard Harry and Niall talking.

"She ran out for Goodness sakes!!!" It was Niall? "Yeah, but she said she liked us both too! Didn't you hear that?" Harry definitely said that, the deep accent gave it away.

"Well, let's wait for her to get out. She probably just needed some time to think, right? Mate?" Niall and Harry walked away, probably down to the kitchen or something. I got in the shower.

*After she gets out*

"Hey, sorry boys. I just needed to think a little. So you boys like me?" They smiled, "And will do anything to make you one of ours," Niall's smile got bigger, "I would pick me." He winked as he whispered.

"I don't know, I have to get to know you both better. I don't want to rush things. Who wants to go to ice cream later, and then tomorrow the other will come shopping with me." They both raised their hands.

"Okay, pick a number, both of you, between one and fifty." They looked like they were thinking, "Okay." They said simultaneously.

"Whoever is closest gets me tomorrow. So Harry, what was your number?" I turned to him.

"Twenty-two." "Okay, Niall what was yours?" He smiled, "Thirteen." Wow, right on the nose, so he gets me tomorrow.

"Sorry Harry, Niall was right, it was thirteen. It's my lucky number." I shrugged. "But you get to take me out to ice cream later." This time I winked, linking arms with both of them while dragging them back to Trent and my room. 

"Can we play a game?!?" Harry pouted. "Just Dance 4!!!" Niall jumped up to put it in the Wii. We played for an hour, I lost because I suck terribly at dancing, and Niall came in second.

"In your faces!!!" Harry shook his butt in our faces. Niall and I smacked it away and looked at eachother, "One, two, three!!!" We pounced on Harry, making him fall face first onto my bed.

"Say uncle!!!" Niall started poking his sides. It looked, well, wrong. I laughed and stared at them, they looked like little children. 

"You guys need to go, Harry has a ice cream date with me tonight, friends of course." I smiled, but not for long, they jumped on me and started tickling me. I was the most ticklish person in the world. I started heaving and laughing, and when I laugh, my eyes tear up. It looked like I was crying, so I decided to play a trick on them, "Stop, you're hurting me." My eyes were full of tears from laughing, so it looked pretty legit.

"Oh my god, Miranda. I'm sorry, I didn't know." I could tell Niall meant it. He and Harry helped me up and I wiped my 'tears' away. A smug smile shown on my face as I tasered then and ran out like a mad woman. 

"Na na na boo boo!!!" I acted as a child would, running around the house, chased by the two heart throbs. They stopped for some reason when I was by the middle of the island in the kitchen. I realized what they were doing, one on each side so I couldn't escape. Too bad I wasn't dumb. They ran at me and I slid over the top of the island, with style. I ran back upstairs into our lounge. Breathing heavily, they came in and cornered me.

"We've got you now, our pretty." Harry rubbed his hands together maniacally, too bad they didn't. I was the best at slipping away at the last moment, I was used to it. I had done it all the time. They came at me with their arms out, like they were gonna hug me. I slipped under and ran out the balcony.

"Ehhhh!!! It's too bright!" I squinted and fell down on the seat. The boys came over, they looked aggravated.

"Remind me never to play chase with you when we're together?" Niall sat next to me. "Smooth." I chin nodded at him. Maybe we would be together, but what about Harry? Damn! We were going out for ice cream and I was still in my pajamas!

"Can you guys go home? I need to change for ice cream. Pick me up in half an hour, Styles." I pushed them downstairs and out the door. I was sad when they left, lonely too. So I went upstairs and turned my iPod on, to One Direction, of course.

"I had to take you and make you mine! I would walk through the desert, I would walk down the aisle. I would swim over oceans just to see you smile. What ever it takes is fine! Oh oh oh oh oh oh, so put your hands up! Oh oh oh oh oh oh! Cuz it's a stand up! I won't be leaving, till I finish stealing every piece of your heart, every piece of your heart! I know your hearts been broken, but don't you give up. I'll be there yeah I know it, to fix you in love! It hurts me to think that you've ever cried! You've ever cried!" I sang along to one of my all time faves, it was kind of old, but still really good. I pt on a purple striped tee and some brown khaki shorts. Finished with my grey converse and I left my hair straight. I applied a little make up, eyeliner and a little bit of mascara. My black hair looked really good with these shoes. Wow, corny huh?

My phone rang, so I picked it up. "Hello?" I looked at the screen, unknown number. A second passed before they replied, "Miranda? Miranda Evans? It's Scott, remember me? I've been watching you. I need you to do me a favor." I dropped my phone. It was Scott, no, it couldn't be! How did he get my number? 

"Miranda?" He sang into the phone, I picked it up. "This isn't a Miranda. This is Kathy." I pretended to be someone else, mimicking a different voice. Did he recognize my voice anyway? Oh no.

"I can tell it's you Mir-baby." He called me that all the time, before he changed. "No, I think you have the wrong number sir. This is Kathy." I frowned, he hopefully believed me.

"Oh, sorry ma'm. Wrong number." I heard him swear in the background as he hung up. That was close. The next thing I knew was me opening the door for Harry, I had totally forgotten our date, with Scott calling. I had changed my number so how did he get it again? I hope he believed me.

"What's wrong darling? What happened? It's only been half an hour." He looked worried. I could tell him, he knew my past, well most of it.

"Scott." He frowned. His brow furrowed. "That bastard? The one that tried to kill you? What did he do? Did he come here? Did he call you?" I swallowed the lump in my throat and spoke.

"He called me, I have no idea how he got my number, I changed it! I pretended to be someone else but I don't know if he believed me! If he finds out it was me, he'll probably come find me and try to kill me, or worse!" I was pacing by now, but Harry got up and pulled me down onto his lap. I started crying silently. 

"Can we just stay here? I don't feel like going out right now, we have a tub of ice cream in the freezer though." I looked up at him, he smiled. Thank god.

"Sure, let's just talk over ice cream." He got up and got the tub of cookie dough ice cream with two spoons.

"Where's the bowls?" "We can eat it out of the tub, there's not much left." I smiled, I  liked the sweet side of him. We dug in and he told me about his past, his older sister, Gemma, his mom, Anne, and his step dad. It sounded nice in Holmes-Chapel. I wanted to go there one day maybe. Escape my life here, in the USA.

"Wow, you had a nice life huh?" He smiled, "It was okay, pretty average until I tried out for X-Factor, you could imagine. Well, not really, but you know what I mean." He seemed so calm, I wouldn't be, not telling about my past. I decided to change the subject. 

"So is 'Larry' real? The Bromance." He just laughed, "I guess, we bonded really easily, Louis and I. We met in the toilets at boot camp you know?" I smiled and nodded, I was a die-hard Directioner. It was about seven and I was wondering where Trent was, it had been six hours since she left. She was probably with Liam. They were so good, a perfect match.

"Well, I better be going. I'll make sure to have Niall call you for tomorrow." He winked, I didn't think he would be that good about tomorrow, because he lost, and he was a boy. Typical boys were immature, but I guess he wasn't a 'typical' boy.

"Good night." I walked him to the door. He kissed my forehead and went out the door. I couldn't wait until tomorrow, leaving today in the past, with Scott and then there was Harry having to see me cry. I hated being so vulnerable. Damn that Scott. 

I went up to bed an hour later, without Trent. Woah, she must be staying with Liam, so I decided to text Niall  and ask him if Trent was with them. Harry probably wouldn't text back, he didn't that much.

Miranda- Hey, is Trent at your place with Liam? She hasn't come home yet. Xx Mir

Nialler- Ya, she wth Liam, wtchin TS2 in da gme rm

Miranda- In English please!!!

Nialler- Sry, shes with Liam watching Toy Story 2

Miranda- Ok, cool, I was worried. : )

Nialler- I can't wait for tomorrow, oh, and Harry said you were crying tonight, why was that? : / 

Miranda- Scot called me.

Nialler- I can fuck him up if you want. Wait! Howd he get ur #???

Miranda- I don't know, and please do if we ever see him. I can't wait either, I better be going to bed, Night!!! Xx

Nialler- Night love, I'll pick you up at nine Xx

I sighed and put my phone down, I couldn't wait.

(A/N) Hey! Thanks for reading even though I haven't been able to update that much in the past week, but I have in the last two days, I hope you enjoy! Xx

OH! And who do you guys ship? Harandy? -Harry and Miranda, OR Mirall? -Niall and Miranda, COME UP WITH BETTER COUPLE NAMES PLEASE!!! COMMENT BELOW!! Love you all!! - Danni


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