Looking For Miranda [Book: 1]

"We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone."

Miranda runs away, love lost, body broken, will she find love? Or will it eventually tear her up inside? Will she ever trust anyone besides her best-friend, or can two boys open her eyes to something she thought she had lost in the past?

One Direction Fanfiction.


41. Chapter Forty ツ

I decided to make this one medium ;)


~Miranda's POV~


Well, I successfully made a fool out of myself with the segways, so let me tell you about it.

First, after I fed some pigeons, I went to this storefront that the tours were booked at. I always wanted to go on a segway, but never knew where there were any tours or shit.

I then signed up for the nearest one, which started in ten minutes. I just sat in the waiting area for that, playing games on my phone.

After the tour started, we got our safety talks, and a walkthrough on segways, we went to the Eiffel Tower. I sighed loudly, because I'd been there already, but that threw the tour guide off focus and he flipped his segway. I thought they were supposed to be pros at segwaying.

But anyways, he got mad and flipped me, then he threw me in a fountain. I think he had a bit of anger issues because he took my twenty, shoved it in his pants, spat at me, and took off with our two broken segways.

I thought it was hilarious, but these French dipheads had no sense of humor.

So now I had to go walk back to my hotel, change, and then jump into Niall's arms and molest his face with my tongue. Easy as pie.


"Hey, where's Niall?" I asked Trent when I walked into my room. She pointed next door, indicating he was in his room, duh.

"Thanks." I took a deep breath and walked over to the door. My eyes closed, getting ready to barge in, who cares if it's rude.

I turned the handle, striding in, "Miranda, what the?" I connected my face with his, basically shoving my tongue down his throat.

"Mmm." Niall moaned into my throat as our tongues fought for dominance, me ending up winning. What could I say, I liked being in control.

"Miranda." We pulled apart for a second, just enough time for him to stroke my cheek and say my name. 

If I could describe this in one word, it would be PERFECT.

I know, cliche huh? Too bad, it was  absolutely perfect in each and every way possible.

"Miranda, I love you." Our foreheads were together, chests panting heavily. Due to lack of oxygen to the brain, I could only smile. 

After a few seconds of air, I spoke,"I love you too. Always have." We were both beaming like crazy hyenas, and of course, Trent, Liam, Zayn, Harry, El, and Louis were in the doorway cheering.

"FINALLY!!" Louis came over and gave us a hug, soon to be joined by the rest of the gang.

"So are you two official?" El pointed to the two of us, I shrugged, as did Niall.

"Well you better before I snatch up Miranda and make her mine." Louis' face was priceless at this point, misshapen in an awe face with a twist of jealousy. 

"Don't worry babe, she'll just replace you." Now Louis was bawling, and if you've ever seen pictures, it's the most hilarious thing in the world.

Niall and I exchanged glances, thinking the same thing. Since everyone was distracted by Louis' show, we slipped out unnoticed.

"Wow, I can't believe I could have lost you to El." I crossed my arms like a toddler, "Who said I was yours?" I was, of course, joking, but I wanted to see what he would say.

"What?" Deer in the headlights, exactly how he looked. But maybe like a Bambi in the headlights.

"I'm just kidding, but you will definitely have to work to regain my trust. I'm still a little iffy." He nodded. "Wait, what about you and Brett?" My face was overcome by a smirk.

"We broke up?" I was thinking about what might've happened with him and Nicole, hopefully the best. I'd have to text them later.

"Well good." I shook my head, selfish leprechaun.

"So, what do you want to do?" At this point we were just walking down the stairwell, going nowhere.

"Hotel tag?" I nodded so furiously, I think I gave myself whiplash. "Let's invite the rest. We'll have teams of two, you and me, Trent and Liam, El and Louis, and Harry and Zayn." We walked back, initiating our game.

There was one team as taggers, but each duo had to stay hands interlocked at every second, and if your team was tagged, you'd instantly become it, no notices to the others. This was going to be fun, being a 36 floor building with five elevators. I could just imagine it now.


"Damn. How'd  you guys never be it?" Louis was racking his brain, "Well, it's something called skill." Zayn and Harry never once were it, hell, I don't think I'd seen them more than once.

"More like a little thing called cheating. What'd you do, stay in a suite?" Liam asked.

"No, but a clever player never shares his secrets." Harry leaned back in his chair, tipping it.

We all cracked up at his 'cleverness'. After the laughter simmered down, shit got real.

"So we have to leave in two weeks, we have three more interviews and another concert that we know of. Don't forget the two signings. The concert is next week, also a signing and interview. The other signing and interviews are during our last week here. So what will we be doing the other days?" Time for 'Daddy Direction' to take charge, am I right? 

"I vote eat and sleep. Maybe some games?" I honestly think my method of spending my days was the best, "I second." Niall raised his hand, "And I third." Trent, oh Trent. 

The rest just nodded in agreement, I was good, I guess.

"I'm tired. night everybody!" I waved off the rest and went to get changed into shorts. I didn't feel like changing my shirt or even removing my bra.

I brushed my teeth and put my hair up, when I felt two warm arms wrap around my now chilled body.

"Can I come sleep with you?" Niall's voice rang through my ears. "Only if you don't pull any shenanigans, we aren't anything yet, don't forget." We walked like that over to the bed, him letting go to let me get in.

I felt the bed dip as the boy got it, wrapping his arms around me once again.

Now let me tell you, this was going to be the best sleep in my life. I could feel it tingling in my bones.

My eyes drifted off to the soft sounds of Niall humming 'Gotta Be You' in my ears, one of my favorite 1D songs.

"If you walk away, I know I'll faint 'cause there is nobody else.

It's gotta be you. Only you.

It's gotta be you. Oh, only you."


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