Looking For Miranda [Book: 1]

"We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone."

Miranda runs away, love lost, body broken, will she find love? Or will it eventually tear her up inside? Will she ever trust anyone besides her best-friend, or can two boys open her eyes to something she thought she had lost in the past?

One Direction Fanfiction.


19. Chapter Eighteen

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~Miranda's POV~


"Just don't." I couldn't let anyone get hurt, or killed by that matter, because of me. I had to surrender myself.

"Miranda, please, just let me help!!! Why are you doing this?" Harry was now pleading with me. I couldn't let him get involved, yeah, maybe he was a 19 year old boy who could take care of himself, but Scott would be more powerful. Scott was twenty by now, and he was always well built, very muscular.

"Harry," He grabbed my arm, "let go." I looked into his eyes, tears flowing out of my own, like a faucet. He pulled me into a bear hug, not letting go.

"I can't do this. I need to obey. He will come after everyone I know, everyone I love." Soaking his shirt,  I dug my face into his chest, not caring what he thought.

"It's going to be alright, love. You just need to tell me everything." I pulled away longingly. I shook my head.

"No. Now please leave, I need to think, I promise I won't leave you. Or Niall, or Trent, or Liam, Louis, Zayn, and my grandmother." My fingers quivered behind my back, crossing onto eachother. More lies.

"I trust you Mir', you need to trust me. I love you. I wouldn't do anything to hurt you. I know you're scared, and I can help. Just put your trust in me." He kissed my head and walked out. I saw his hand go up to his face, wiping away a tear.

A tear shed for me.

My feelings, they haven't ever been this way. My brain was running to the left, with Scott, to save my family and friends. While my heart,  running to the right, was following the two boys I love, Trent, Jilly, Gran, and the three boys I call my best friends.

I started screaming, and pulling my hair. I couldn't take it. I knew I was having a tremendous breakdown. I just couldn't take it. I threw everything into my bag and wiped my eye as I ran out the door. Shoving the spare key I had into my bra (to keep it safe) I got my phone. I texted everyone saying I needed to get away for a little while, everyone except Harry and Niall. 

It was about 2 in the morning when I left, to make sure I made it in time. I had to meet him at the beach on Lent Road. I checked my phone and it was about ten minutes from here. I decided I had time to go see if I could get anything to eat, if anywhere was still open.

I settled for McDonald's, getting a parfait. I ate it and went out the door, I thought I saw Niall, but there wasn't anyone there when I blinked, my eyes were just probably playing tricks, after all, I was tired. It was about 2:45 AM, so I walked across the street, my bag bouncing on the cobblestone next to the beach.

I wasn't surprised when there was nobody there, it was pitch black out anyway. There was a little glimmer of light at the other side, damn, I was gonna have to walk all the way over there, just to be kidnapped.

"Bitch." I mumbled as I took off, going towards the light. (Sorry, I shouldn't be making jokes right now xD) I heard some rustles behind me, but it was windy and I didn't see anything. I turned back around and resumed walking. I rubbed my temples just to be sure, I looked back again and there was my worst nightmare.


He clamped his hand over my mouth before I could scream. I bit it though. I after all, I told people usually, if I had the chance, but Scott should have known.

"Hello, I missed you Mir'-Baby." I scowled and followed him to a car that I suspected was his.

"What's wrong? Cats got your tongue?" He lifted my chin up to look at him, he looked much older, a few wrinkles under his eyes, and stubble on his chin. "What's wrong? Old man time catch up with you?" I mimicked him. "Get in  the car, and if you didn't remember, I'm only twenty." 

"I did remember, not that I cared, and you look about fifty." He slapped me for this one. It didn't hurt, I've had worse.

"Why did you lie to me? You love me remember?" He smiled and pulled away.

"Why would I love you? Of all people!?!?! You fucking tried to kill me, and then you threaten the people I love?!?! I absolutely don't love you." The words must have stung him because he slapped me again, and then slammed my head on the window. 

Looks like I wouldn't know where we were going.

The blackness overwhelmed me.


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