Moments (Larry and Niam)

One night while being off tour for a month, the boys play truth or dare
While playing it lands on Harry and Louis. With the two in love things get hot and sexy. Will the other boys be like them?


9. You Dont. You Die.

A/N Ok I just noticed how popular my story has become! :) I'm really happy! Oh and the next few chapters will mostly be from Harry's point of view. So please enjoy chapters 9-15!

Previously On Truth Or Dare:

"Promise me not to do that again." "I was thinking about a vacation." "You mean a Nova Vida?" "You're sorry for what? Huh?" " I'm sorry that you walked in on me and Luke that night.." "I Dare you to kiss Niall." "I will kill someone if I have to. I will start with you Niall James Horan." "I've been waiting to see you....."

Harry POV

I turned around to find someone standing very close to me.  I took in her features. She wore sweatpants a black sweater and running shoes. Her blonde hair was a in high ponytail. I opened my mouth to shout Louis's name but nothing came out. She pressed her hand against my mouth and put a sharp object up to my neck. "If you scream. You die." She whispered. I just shooked my head and the tears rolled silently down my face. She removed her hand from my mouth. "Now.. go get some clothes on and leave a letter for that.. that.. scumbag." He pushed me out the door. " I went to the dresser and put on my jeans and a t-shirt and Louis's sweat shirt. I slipped on my shoes. I took a piece of paper from the kitchen counter and I pulled a pen from the drawer. 'Louis I'm going back to the main island with a girl named Taylorre. We are just going going shopping... Look for the clues in the first sentence. xx Harry.' I folded the paper up and left it on table beside the bed. " Let's go." Taylor said as she pulled my arm. We got on the boat she'd took to get here. ' God I just wish Louis would understand the letter.' I thought. "Now you better do as I say when I say it. You get me what I want, when I want it. If you don't do what I say. Then you will die.. Boohoo!" She said and pressed her lips against mine. I tried to struggle away from her but I stopped. She pulled away. 'Now.. where were we before you broke up with me?" She asked. I didn't remember. I let out a low grunt. "Oh =.. yeah that's right! On our cruise! Let's start now!"


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