Moments (Larry and Niam)

One night while being off tour for a month, the boys play truth or dare
While playing it lands on Harry and Louis. With the two in love things get hot and sexy. Will the other boys be like them?


5. Saying You're Sorry? For What?

Louis POV

The next we started packing for our trip to Rio. As I was putting the bags in the car I heard a female voice call my name. "LOUIS! LOUIS! WAIT!" I turned around to see Eleanor. I sigh heavily. "What do you want Elanor?" I say looking away. "I..I just wanted to say I was sorry for.. you know.." She trails off. I turn to look at her. "Why are you saying you're sorry now?" I say angrily. My eyes start to water. "I was just sorry you walked in on me and Luke that night...." She says bowing her head. "Eleanor just leave me alone! Don't bother to call me or Harry or any of the boys! Because I'm though with you! You.. broke my heart into pieces! So like lemme alone El. You are just like Taylor!" I shouted and got in the car. I drove away. I arrived at Harry's mum house. "HARRY! LOUIS IS HERE!" She shouted up the stairs. Harry came down with his bags. I smiled. "Tell the boys I said said 'Hi' and Paul!" She called after us. I laughed in my head. I guess harry told her a fib. We arrived at the airport two hours later. "You ready?" I asked. "Yeah." He smiled and kissed me.

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