Moments (Larry and Niam)

One night while being off tour for a month, the boys play truth or dare
While playing it lands on Harry and Louis. With the two in love things get hot and sexy. Will the other boys be like them?


14. He lost a lot.

Harry POV

I sat in the waiting room with the boys, Lou's sisters and his parents and mine. I've been crying because I don't want my boyfriend tooken away from me. that would be too much. Finally the doctor came out. "Mr. and Mrs. Tomlinson?" She asked. I automactlly got up with Louis's parents. "He's doing fine, but he lost alot of blood. If it wasn't for this young man here he would have bled out the last of his blood." She informed us. "Is Louis going to be alright?" His mother asked. "Yes he's going to be alright but he is going to have to stay in the hospital." She told us. "C-can he have visitors?" I blurted out. "Yes he can." She smiled. She then left. "I think... I need to see him first." I turned back to everyone. They all murmured 'oks' and 'yes'. I went to room 217 where Louis was. I knocked on the door. "Come in." he croaked. I walked silently in. Louis was sitting up and watching TV. "Louis.. it's me, Harry." I said. he looked up and smiled big as ever. He tried getting up and but realized he was hooked up to IV needles. I walked over to him and gave him a big hug. I pecked his cheek. "The doctor said that you are doing better." I tried to smile. "Yeah I heard. Is mum and dad here?" He asked me. I shook my head yes. "Lou..can you explain to me why you self harmed? Again?" I asked him while picking at my nail. It all became really quiet. I looked up and Lou was looking away. I took his hands in mine. 'Boobear please tell me why." I begged. "Be.. because I thought what you said what true. And I didn't want to believe it, but I did." Tears rolled silently down his cheeks. What? I thought I left him another note! "Louis.. I don't know what you're talking about." I whispered. "You don't? The note said that you didn't love me anymore and you ran away with Taylor and if I ever come looking she would kill me! You didn't write that?! It seemed like you're handwriting to me!" He said more loudly and angrly. I still didn't have one to what he was talking about. "Louis! Look at me! I didn't write that Taylor did! Don't you think if I won't one I would leave you clues?" I said taking his wrists in my hands. "So.. I'm guessing that Tay- OUCH!" He shouted. I realized i accidently held his wrists too tight. I quickly let go. "I'm so sorry Boo I didn't know. I love you! I didn't mean to put you in this state or the hospital! I'm sorry!" I started apologizing. Louis then pulled his face to mine and started kissing me forcefully. He then pulled away and put his forehead to mine. "You shouldn't be the that's sorry. I love you." 

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