Moments (Larry and Niam)

One night while being off tour for a month, the boys play truth or dare
While playing it lands on Harry and Louis. With the two in love things get hot and sexy. Will the other boys be like them?


6. Fun back in London!

Liam POV

Two days later after Louis and Harry left me Zayn and Niall have been on our own. So one night we decided to go back and playing truth or dare. As we sat in the living room of my flat, I tried to think of something for Niall and Zayn. "Liam truth or dare?" Zayn asked breaking my train of thought. "Dare..? I guess." I said sounding unsure. Zayn's face lit up once I said dare. "Ok I dare you took kiss Niall with your shirt off!" He pointed to Niall. I looked over at Niall and he blushed. I just shrugged my shoulders. I took off my shirt and Niall did too. I was lost in thought when Niall jumped on me pushed me to the floor and kissing me. I was confused at first but I responded back. I hands started trailing up and down Niall's back. He started to work his way up my pants. "GUISEEESS!!!  DON'T GET CARRIED WHILE I'M HERE!" Zayn shouted. Me and Niall snapped out of our trance and put our shirts back on. "Tonight we go for it again.." Niall whispered in my ear. I blushed and we went on with our game.

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