Moments (Larry and Niam)

One night while being off tour for a month, the boys play truth or dare
While playing it lands on Harry and Louis. With the two in love things get hot and sexy. Will the other boys be like them?


12. Being Tortured!

Harry POV

Once we got back to America we did a massive loads of things, things I told Taylor I hate. "Aren't you just having fun Hazza?" She asked me once we got off the roller coaster.  y head was spinning. "Never. I am not having-" I was cut off by puking on her. "WHAT THE HELL HARRY!" She shouted at me. She pulled my arm and we went back to the car. "For not doing the right things I tell you, you will be punished; badly." Taylor spit through her through her teeth. Twenty-five minutes later we arrive at her flat. I walked inside and it looked different from the last time I was here. "You." She pointed at me. "Go take a shower now." She growled. I did what she demanded. After I got out the shower everything changed the living room and the kitchen. Taylor didn't have on her jeans and a tank. She had something unexplainable. "Now we shall start your punishment." She had an evil smile on her lips. Dammit what have I gotten myself into?

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