Moments (Larry and Niam)

One night while being off tour for a month, the boys play truth or dare
While playing it lands on Harry and Louis. With the two in love things get hot and sexy. Will the other boys be like them?


15. A Year Later

=Niall's Point of View=
Everything has been going since that incident in May. Harry and Louis have been doing perfect, but I have a feeling something's gonna strike again and try to tear them apart. It's like something or someone doesn't want them together! I mean c'mon Hazza and Lou are PERFECT for each other! They can't even go a day without texting each other! I don't understand, because yesterday we were crossing the street and a car almost hit Harry! Lucky that arsehole stopped, becuase I would've beat him senseless for the youngest in the band!


Louis Point of View

Things have been good expect that Hazz almost got hit with a car while we were walking back from Anna's. It's crazy! But the driver stopped.

Thank God. If God took Harry from me.. I.. I wouldn't be the same as I am now.. But let's stop talking about- "LOU!!!!" I turned around to see my little sister Phoebe come running towards me. "BOOBEAR!!" Daisy shouted. They charged at me with speed. They then jumped on me. Knocking me the ground. "Oh no! Here comes Hazz!!" Daisy and Phoebe shouted."LOUUUIIIIEEEEE!!!!" He shouted and came running towards us. Daisy and Phoebe moved out the way. OOFFF!! Hazz jumped on me. I mean his isn't heavy to me, but when he jumps on me.. It kinda hurts. "I missed my Louie!" He started kissing all over my face. "And I missed my Hazzabear!" I hugged him back. He got off of me and offered his hand to help up. I took gratefully. Hazza turned to the twins. He slowly started walking away with them, mumbling and whisper about something. "OMG YES!!" Daisy squealed. Ugh, I wonder what they're talking about. I cross my arms and frown. A few seconds later, I follow them into the house. "AAHHHH!!! LOUIS IS HOME!!" Liam shouted. I turn around and see Liam , Zayn, and Niall. They charge at me and hug me. God, I missed them so much!! I missed Niall the most! Besides, Hazz. I take Niall's face in my hands and kiss his cheek. "Aahh!! I missed you're Irishness mate!" I say smiling big and pulling away. I caught a glimpse of Harry sitting on the sofa. His face, showed, sadness, hurt, and -wait is that... that... jealousy? He looks at me then turns away. I shrug it off. The guys are telling how much the fans were wondering where I was and they'd told them that I'm in the hospital. They send me a lot of get wells. I wasn't really paying attention. I kept looking over at Harry. Jeez, all I did was kiss Niall on the cheek!
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