Ways to Love

Allison Payne is Liam Payne's brother. When Allison's parents divorced at the age of four for the both of them; Allison moved with her now abusive father to the United States while her mother stayed in London with Liam. After the divorce her father started drinking more and more and abusing Allison. Will her brother and his friends come to save her? Will she run away? Will there be romance? Will she fall in love? Find out in 'Ways to Love'!


4. Safe


Allison’s POV

It was..was Liam? Is this really him or too good to be true? There’s only one way to find out.

“Liam?” I said in shock.

“Yes, love” I couldn’t help but smile! “I’m here to take you to your real home where you belong. Do you trust me love?” he said

“Of course I trust you” I said back. I ran up to him and gave him the biggest hug ever. A tear shed down my cheek but I wiped it quickly before he could see it.

“I missed you soo much Liam!” I said soo happy. I said so happy.

“I’ve missed you to Allison!” Liam said. “All you need to do love is pack your things” he said so kindly. But then I looked at his friend is shock. Ive only ever had one friend and she was Makayla. I would tell her everything and she would always be there by my side. Until the day she moved away. It was so crushing. I then had nobody and was a nobody. I tried to make new friends but I was just never accepted. I think Liam could tell I looked a little off at his friend.

“Ohh I’m sorry love, this is Niall!” he said. “Don’t worry he wont hurt you!” he said pointing to Niall.

“ALLISON WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO UP THERE?” my dad had yelled at me from downstairs.

“Nobody just myself!” I shouted nicely back at him.

“C’mon love we gotta hurry, we don’t have much time” Liam whispered.

Liam’s POV

When I knocked on her window at first she seemed frightened and then relaxed. Her-our dad must be doing something to her if she always looks like someone’s going to hurt her. I wish I did earlier. We almost got caught by her dad but he was clueless. I told her we needed to hurry because one we didn’t have much time and two our dad might suspect something. When we talked it almost seemed as if it was awkward. I don’t know why but I need to gain that bond with her again.

“There I’m done!” she said.

“Here I’ll take your bag!” I offered.

“You don’t have to Li-“ I cut her off.

“But I want to” I said back. She handed me her bag and smiled. Oh that cute little smile I finally got to see. I didn’t realize how much I miss her until now.

We got out of the window, got in the car and left. Wow our dad didn’t even notice. I wonder what his reaction will be when he finds out.

Allison’s POV

It was soo nice of Liam to take my bag. I smiled and he noticed and returned it. We then left through the window and left to the car. Shocked my dad didn’t notice. Must’ve fallen asleep or something. I’m worried but excited to see what will happen.

There was soo many boys in the car. I’ve never been around this many people before and never mind boys. One of them must of noticed that I was a little off.

“Hey I’m Zayn” he said genuinely kind. I smiled and replied back.

“I’m Allison”

“Don’t worry love your safe now, we won’t hurt you”

A/N: Heyy guys! Sorry for the boring and not so best chapter. This is only the beginning. Leave any comments or questions.

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