Ways to Love

Allison Payne is Liam Payne's brother. When Allison's parents divorced at the age of four for the both of them; Allison moved with her now abusive father to the United States while her mother stayed in London with Liam. After the divorce her father started drinking more and more and abusing Allison. Will her brother and his friends come to save her? Will she run away? Will there be romance? Will she fall in love? Find out in 'Ways to Love'!


3. It was.....


A/N: heyy guys. I need to make an adjustment. Allison is going to be a year younger then Liam is. Thank You!

Liam’s POV

“I found her!” said Niall cheerfully. I’m soo glad he’s helping me! That’s why he’s one of my best mates!

“Ohh my goodness! Thanks Niall!” I said happily.

“No problem” he said. “She lives with her father; your dad, in New York. 15 Maple Avenue!”

“Thank you Niall!” I said.

“I told you we could do it!” he said.

Allison’s POV

“ALLISON GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE NOW AND MAKE ME SOME PASTA FOR DINNER!” he growled at me from downstairs. My ribs sill hurt from the other day. When I went to dance it was even harder. You don’t just tell your teacher ‘yea my dad abuses me’. I wish it was that easy, but it’s not. I wish I could get out of this living nightmare. I want to feel loved although I don’t know what real love is. Funny huh? I also want to be somewhere where I feel wanted. Not some were where I’m a piece of garbage that just gets thrown around. But life doesn’t work that way. So I forced myself out of bed and walked down the stairs.

“Yes dad?” I asked nicely.

“MAKE. ME. PASTA!” he commanded. Now I did what I had to do; make him pasta. I got everything all ready and just cooked it. I was lost in thought that I nearly almost forgot about the pasta. I then got the bowl to put the pasta in. I got a fork and put it in and then gave it to my dad to eat.

“Now get out and got to your room and don’t get out!” he shouted at me. If only I got a ‘thank you’! Nope. Instead I get slapped across the face. ‘Gladly’ I thought to myself. I get to get away from you, a monster.

Liam’s POV

“Were here!” said Louis. Louis was driving, I was in the passenger seat, and Niall, Zayn and Harry were all talking to each other. But Zayn seemed kinda off. I wonder what’s wrong. When I looked out the window I saw Allison and my dad. I saw her get slapped across the face. But why? She left without even shedding a tear. I knew something was wrong. It must not be good to use the door. Soo I’ll just use the window. I’m bringing Niall with me to help. I don’t want to cause to much attention. I got to her window and tapped on it. Hopefully I won’t startle her.

Allison’s POV

When I got to my room I started to read a book that I got from the library at my school. I always laughed while reading these type of romantic happily ever after books. Like that could ever happen. Right? While I was in the middle of reading I heard tapping on my window. It was..was…Liam?

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