Ways to Love

Allison Payne is Liam Payne's brother. When Allison's parents divorced at the age of four for the both of them; Allison moved with her now abusive father to the United States while her mother stayed in London with Liam. After the divorce her father started drinking more and more and abusing Allison. Will her brother and his friends come to save her? Will she run away? Will there be romance? Will she fall in love? Find out in 'Ways to Love'!


1. Intro

Hi I’m Allison Payne! I have just below the shoulder brunette hair and blue eyes. I have one sibling and he is Liam Payne but he is four months older than I am. One thing I love is dancing. Liam and I separated at the age of four. There hasn’t been anything more I wanted then to see him and just hug him and all. I now have an American accent over my british one. Even as a child Liam was protective over me and even now he is the same. Liam was my best friend. I would tell him everything and he would do the same. I felt loved and now I'm not. I have no one and am a nobody.If only I knew what real love was. I still have hope in myself that I will see my older brother Liam who knows it just may happen…

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