Hungry games

Lilli and Niall are in two seperate bands. Niall:1D Lilli: Replay
Every year in 12 different bands one of them gets chosen to be in the HUNGRY GAMES. But will Niall survive and will him and lilli fall for each other?
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1. The beginning

Hi I'm lilli from a band called Replay !! Our band is made up of my 5 BFFs Elise,Emma,Heather,Libby and Lily!! I play drums. Now here's the really scary part... Because people are listening to solo artists more now we have to do something. So the government made THE HUNGRY GAMES! Its where you fight to the death with 5 more pairs and 10 more bands. Every year we get paired up with a band this year we are paired up with 1D!!! The bands are Lawson, stooche, take that, 1D, replay, Little mix, the wanted, Jonas brothers, Coldplay, jls, heart compaction. diameter! But we have to be chosen out of a hat this year I got picked...

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