She's The One

Sami had lived in an orphanage all her life until 1 week before her 18th birthday.
Liam and The Payne Family, had adopted her. She eventually meets The Popular Boyband One Direction. Does she fall in love with one of them? Where did all this drama come from?? Is Sami going to be able to survive her new life?? Find out in She's the one.


4. Wolverhampton Here I am!

*2 hours later*

"Nicole, I am sorry that i didnt tell yo-" She cut me off. "It's alright, at least you just threw up rather than swelling up and breaking out in hives. We are just happy that you are alright." She told me. "I am truly sorry, If you want to take me back to Mary at the orphanag-" She cut me off again, What is it and this women cutting people off? "Don't you dare say that!' she said to me. "You will NEVER ever do anything so bad to make us want to take you back to the orphanage. You are apart of this family and that is final!' She said to me sounding sad. Before i knew it, She was crying a bit. She was hurt that i thought that they were going to take me back. "Nicole, Are you alright?" "Yes Sami, I am. and call me Mum." "are you-" Again she cut me off. "MUM!" she told me while pointing me to my seat. 

I walked back to my seat. "Harry said that he would love to meet you, adn that he is very excited." Liam told me."Really,That's great. I cant wait to meet him." i told him. "We are 2 mintues away from Wolverhampton, Tighten your seatbelts for landing." the Piolet said over the intercom. I was excited for 2 reasons. 1) I had finally left that orphanage. and 2) I was going to meet Harry Styles! "Liam, How big is our house?"I asked him. "Well, Mum and Dad are living in their own flat, and You are going to live with me and Harry at our flat." he told me. I was shocked. "You and Harry live together?" I asked him. "No, You,Me, and Harry live together." he told me. "Oh my gosh, that is crazy! Your only 19 and you and a friend have your own flat?!" i asked him sounding surprised. "Yes. Would you rather live with mum and dad at their boring flat?" he asked me. "No, I would rather live with you, and Harry." i told him. "Well then it is settled, You are going to live with Harry and I at our flat."

When we got off the plane we got into 2 seperate Limos, One for Nicole, i mean mum and dad, and the other for Liam and I. This was My New Life, and i was already loving it.

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