She's The One

Sami had lived in an orphanage all her life until 1 week before her 18th birthday.
Liam and The Payne Family, had adopted her. She eventually meets The Popular Boyband One Direction. Does she fall in love with one of them? Where did all this drama come from?? Is Sami going to be able to survive her new life?? Find out in She's the one.


5. Meeting The Green Eyed boy!

We finally got to the house. "Harry We are home. There is someone I want you to meet," Liam yelled from the bottom of the staircase. "In the arcade, coming" Harry yelled back. He walked out of the arcade and was wearing a tank top. I quickly looked down because I knew I was going to blush. He hopped onto the rail of the staircase and slid down it like a little kid. He jumped off at the bottom. "Harry, I thought i told you not to do that anymore?' Liam said sounding upset. "I'm sorry Li, It wont happen again." Harry said sounding apologetic. I looked up and stared into his big Beautiful eyes. "Hello love, I'm Harry." "Hey, I'm Samantha, but you can call me Sami." I stuck out my hand for a shake but to my surprise, He kissed it and looked into my eyes. I quickly started blushing. Liam whispered into my ear "Be careful, Harry is the flirt of the group." he winked at me. "So, Where is my room?" i asked Liam. "I could take you there if you want." Harry said to me.  "Sure, I would like that" I told him. He took my hand and led me up the stairs. I had Finally met Harry Styles!

When we walked into my room my jaw immediately dropped. My room was HUGE! I walked over to my bed and sat on it. Harry stood in the doorway. I motioned for him to come sit next to me. There was and Envelope, And 3 boxes on my bed. A small box , a meduim one and a large one. They had a note attatched to the envelope.  the note said:

To a new member of the Payne family. We love you. Sincerely, Nicole (mum) Daniel (dad) and Liam

Harry nudged me. "Well arent you going to open them?" he asked me. "Um, I think i will." i told him. I took the envelope it had the words ALLOWENCE on it. "OMG they gave me and allowence!!" I said looking over to Harry. "Okay now to the Presents"  he said smiling and gigling a little bit. I took the small box and opened jaw dropped again but this time even more than the last time! "OMG CAR KEYS!!!!" i yelled!! Liam ran to my room and asked if everything was alright. "Yes everything is fine!! i just cant belive that i have a car!" "next one !!" Liam said coming in and sitting on the other side of me on my comfy bed. "okay, brace yourself, if it is good then im going to scream!" "okay" they both said in unison!. I took the medium sized box and saw a brand new iPhone 5!!!! I opened my mouth, and just as i was about to scream, Harry covered my mouth with his hand. "Don't want to lose your voice love." he said to me, Making me smile. I took the big box, and i opened it. Inside the box was a brand new iPAD 3!!! I wanted to scream but i had remembered what Harry said to me just 30 seconds ago. " I Love them!" i said to Liam and i gave him a hug. "Hey what about me?" Harry asked in a flirtatious way. "oh yea, i cant forget the flirt!" I said while laughing. This was my new life. and i love it!



*I'm sorry it took me a while to write this chapter. I've been having quite the writers block. I wrote this chapter 3 times and it just didnt sound right until now!!! Like this Story, tell your friends about it, favorite!!!!!*

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