She's The One

Sami had lived in an orphanage all her life until 1 week before her 18th birthday.
Liam and The Payne Family, had adopted her. She eventually meets The Popular Boyband One Direction. Does she fall in love with one of them? Where did all this drama come from?? Is Sami going to be able to survive her new life?? Find out in She's the one.


3. Airplane food. :(

When we got onto the Jet, liam started telling me all about how his life was. He told me abotu a girl that he reallly liked and he asked her out 22 times but he got rejected every single time. "Oh my gosh, Im so sorry. Well thats her loss not yours.How's Danielle?" I asked him. "how do you know about Danielle ?" He asked sounding surprised. "Well, I am a fan of One Direction. Thats how i knew you were  Liam Payne." I told him. "Wow, Danielle is great thanks for asking. So," he said to me. "So, What?" i asked him. "So who is your favorite in the group?" he asked me smiling. "I will give you my rank, 1)Harry.2)Nialler 3)You 4)Zayn and Last but not least 5)Louis." i told him. "oh your lucky Harry is newly single." He told me with a evilish smirk on his face. "What happened to Haylor?" i asked him surprised. "Taylor was just using him for fame, She even told us when Harry wasnt around that she was going to make a song about how they Break up. We told him and he was Angry and broke up with her." he told me. I kept on gasping when he was talking about it. "Want me to text him and tell him about you?" he asked me . I knew what he was up too. He was trying to get me and Harry to go out. and quite frankly I'm okay with that. "yea if you want to." i told him. He knew that i was dying for him to do this so he did. Shoot if he wasn't my brother and all i would have said that he was my number 1, but i forgot about Danielle.

"Are you hungry?" Nicole i mean my mum said to me as she was walking by. "just a little bit." I told her. She knew i was hungry because of the look she gave me after i answered her. She ordered some airplane pizza, a sprite and some fruit. "yum" i said as the waiter brought me my plate of pizza. After i had eaten the pizza, i had to go to the bathroom. I got up and ran to the bathroom as quickly as I could before i Threw up."Oh my gosh, Are You alright?" liam said as i was throwing up. Yes im fine. I forgot that i had a bad stomach and i couldnt eat pizza unless it had special cheese. I forgot about how i was Lactose and Tollerant. "I'm so sorry, I didn't know th-" "It's okay, I'm fine. I forgot to tell you that i was Lactose and Tollerent before you went to get me some food." I told her cutting her off. She was so upset but she didn't realize that i was alright.

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