Caught Up

Skyler is is 18 and living with her parents in Doncaster, But what happenes when she bumps into Harry Styles ? will life get eaiser ?


17. Tumbling Down

We had a big sleep in today me and abbey got up at 12:00 and went  to the city to look at make up and hair styles for prom tonight we went with a natural make up with just some gold glitter eyeshadow and my long hair that fell to my waste just curled.

By the time we got home with our make up supplies, all the boys were over and it was 2:30 and me and abbey over took the bathroom, i was putting my dress and shoes on and abbey went and sat out side and started to drink with the boys, harry was in his tux and was having a few beers with the boys, he stuck his hand into the bathroom door and handed me the most beautiful coursage

"thankyou harry"

"your welcome beautiful"

"ill be out in a few go back out side and tell abbey to come here please babe"

"sure babey"

Abbey came into the bathroom and stood in awe

"cuz, you look, wow"

"thanks cuz, thanks for helping me get ready"

I slipped on my white heels, which still made me shorter than harry abbey walked infront and sat in the hammock with danielle and the boys stood at the bottom of the stairs. I walked out the door holding my clutch i stood at the top of the stairs, the boys turned around and stared at me for like 5 minutes straight

"oh my god" louis said

"you look, amazing" zayn said

"thanks guys"

i walked down the bottom of the stairs and harrys took my hand, i got a surprise when mum turned up right before we left we all took photos and then me and harry were off.

We slow danced to more than this, and shared a sneaky kiss under the stars, we got back home at about 11:00pm.

We walked in the door to find no louis and no abbey, but zayn niall liam and dani sitting on the couch not saying a thing, dani pulled me out side while the other boys told harry.

"whats going on" i asked danielle calmly

"look, abbey was on the way to the supermarket, and was in a car accident, she is in hospital but thats all we have heard so far were all going to head over now"

i ran inside bawling my eyes out and i fell into harrys chest he hugged me tightly until i went and got changed just into jeans and a nitted jumper.

we went to the hospital and we asked for abbeys room, louis was in the waiting room. He saw me dani and the boys walking down, me and harry hand in hand tears rushing down my cheeks louis walked over and pulled me into a hug and wipered

"1 person is aloud in now, ill let you go in, she is going to be fine dont worry " he kissed my forehead

"thankyou louis"

I walked in to see abbey with a cast on her arm

i sat on the end of her bed and held her hand

"oh cuz, you had me so worried i thought something really bad happened"

"nah cuz, ill be right im coming home in about an hour anyway, how was prom"

"amazing" i told her all about it and she laughed i gave her a kiss on the cheek and let louis in

An hour passed and we were all back at home

"guys tour startes tomorrow so abbey you should pack and we will head back to ours tonight and we can just all pack and leave tomorrow, we will stop buy your mums as well sky so you can pack and say goodbye to your mum"

"alright cool, lets crank the tunes and we will go pack cuz"

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