Caught Up

Skyler is is 18 and living with her parents in Doncaster, But what happenes when she bumps into Harry Styles ? will life get eaiser ?


2. School

"Skyler get up honey your going to be late for your last day of year 12"

"comming mum" i yelled

I put on a cute summer dress that came mid length on my thigh, some light make up and my thin brown waist length hair straight and down.

i went down stairs and ate some fruit before i walked to school with my bestfriend.

"wheres dad" i asked puzzled, dad abusues me when mum isn't home so i have to make up an excuse everytime i get a new bruise.

"oh, he had to go to work this morning and he wont be back till about 5ish" mum replied.

i nodded, said goodbye to mum and walked to my bestfriends house just 6 doors down from me.

*knock knock* she opened the door with a cheerful greeting. "hey sweet whats up" ? she asked as we started to walk.

"nothing much"

"how exciting" she giggled

here we were, the last time we would ever walk into this place again. May was pretty much my only friend everyone hated me, dont ask why, but they did.

As i sat in that last class, she walked in, the schools bitch, Kayla Myers. I had, had enough of her comments towards me, she really annoys me.

i watched as she snickered at me i just ignored it. I managed to last that whole lessons with out any of her crap, i started to walk home, it was getting cold now and i was stupid enough not to bring a jumper today. Soon it started to rain, and i just thought "what is the point of running its gonna get me more wet anyway"

So i was just walking along and i didn't even notice where i was going when i pumped into, ohmygosh, Harry Styles....

"oh im so sorry love, are you alright" ?

"sorry, yea im fine" i smiled and stared to walk away when i felt something grab my shoulder...

i got spun arond, i looked into his eyes and he stared back into myn,

"im Harry nice to meet you"

"im Skyler"

"i was, uh, wondering if you want to catch up tonight just in the park here" here pointed across the road,

"sure, that would be lovely" i smiled

"cool, see you at 5" ?

"sounds good"

he hugged me then with that we were off

the rain stopped and the sun came out again, i skipped home like a little girl who has just bought a lolliepop.

"muuummmm im hoommeeeee" my voice rung through the house

"someone have a good day " ?

" guess who i just bumped into walking home"

mum knew Harry was my favourite our of the boys

" i dont know, Harry Styles hahahah" mum joked

"yuupppp" i happily said

" what, seriously" mum basically yelled

"yes, and he asked me to meet him at the park at 5, WHICH IS IN HALF AN HOUR"

i raced up stairs and i put on a tight black v-neck top with hi-waisted shorts and my flats that i had to put in the dryer ! and i straightened my hair again and re did my make up.

i ran downstairs and yelled out bye to mum as i was running down the street.

i finally made it to the park and Harry was sitting there.




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