Caught Up

Skyler is is 18 and living with her parents in Doncaster, But what happenes when she bumps into Harry Styles ? will life get eaiser ?


15. Prom

The Bahamas was great, but sadly it was time to leave. We were all packed and heading to the airport.

"oh my god" i said

"whats wrong babe" harry asked

"i have prom tomorrow night"

"oh yeah, do you still want me to come?"

harry asked worridly.

"of course i do" i said kissing his cheek

I was so affraid of flying in planes and this was the longest trip of my life.

(Abbey's P.O.V)

I was snuggled into louis chest, but i was deep in thought, i was just thinking about everything about the boys going on tour and how me and Sky would be without them for 7 months, and i still dont know if i was going to australia or not. and thats when it all hit me, like a ton of bricks and the tears slowly rolled down my cheeks, Louis sat up and looked at me and concern filled his eyes.

"what's wrong babey" he hugged me tightly and my head was burried in his neck.

"ill tell you when we get back to myn"

"alright gorgeous"

(Skyler's P.O.V)

I look over to Abbey and Louis and abbey is bawling her eyes out, she never cries so i knew it must be bad.

i got up and walked over and harry gave me a strange look and i walked to them

I mouthed to louis "what's wrong" he just shrugged his shoulders, he stood up and went and sat with harry as i sat in louis place.

She took one look at me and burst into tears i hugged her tight, but she still wouldnt tell me whats wrong. I was so worried about her she never cries, she is the type of person to keep it all inside and she always smiles, so i had tears falling down my cheeks the boys looked over and saw me crying aswell they rused over and harry held my hand and pulled me back to our seats. He sat me on his lap and he hugged me for what felt like forever then he wispered in my ear

"what happed to abbs" ?

"i dont know she wont tell me or lou"

"so why are you crying then babe"

"because she is like my other half, she never crys she always hides it away that why im so worried abou-"

i stopped as aother river flowed out of my eyes me and abbey cried for the rest of the flight which was only about 15 minutes.

"Thankyou for flying with London Airways see you next time and have a nice day"

The taxi ride back to Harry and Lous was silent.

All of the boys were staying at Abbeys tonight just for a little get together and i had prom tomorrow and my school and all the boys wanted to be there for pre drinks and to me and haz all dolled up.

When we arrived at Abbeys me and abbey became happier than ever with excitment me ran to abbeys room and fell on the bed laughing because of how many good memories we had together here. The boys entered as they were a bit scared by the One Direction posters they saw on Abbeys wall.

"About that" abbey said

We all cried in laughter about it.

As the boys arrived we cranked the music and mucked around in the back yard me and abbey were going crazy ! it started to die down as everyone sat down, me and harry on the hammock, Louis and abbey on the trampoline looking up at the stars and abbey was telling lou why she was upset, and Niall and Zayn inside fast asleep and Liam and Danielle were lying in there bed inside.

Me and Harry went into the ballroom which was like a mini house outside with 2 double beds and a bathroom. We layed in the bed and i dont know why but i was crying, more than ever.

"harry i dont want you to leave for tour, what if something happens to me, or you and what if s-"

"babe, calm down, i know its a big step but why dont you and abbey come on tour with us"

"what about our dance concert and my mum, and what if dad comes back and hurts mum har-"

"sweetie shhh" i loved it when harry stroked my hair it made me more calm.

"you can come for 2 months, leave for your concert and we can come with you because for the first 2 months of the tour were in london anyway and we have the same night off as your concert then you can come back on tour for the rest of the 5 months with abbs"

"what about mu-"

"she can stay with my mum, mum loves having the company"

"thankyou harry i love you so much, you have no idea"

we kissed as we saw louis and abbey having a make out sesh outside on the trampoline. Which made harry want me so badly!



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