Caught Up

Skyler is is 18 and living with her parents in Doncaster, But what happenes when she bumps into Harry Styles ? will life get eaiser ?


3. Last First Kiss

He stood up and pulled me into a tight hug

"how are you" he asked cherpily

"im alright thankyou, what about yourself"

"im good thankyou"

After about 2 hours he knew everything about my life, except one thing, about my dad..

" i haven't told ANYONE this before, not even my bestfriend, but do you promise not to tell anyone"

"yes of course, i promise"

"well ever since i was about 16, my dad has abused me, he constantly yells at me, and he hit me a couple of times, so that explains these" i removed my bracelets to reveal the cuts on wrists i started to cry and he pulled me into his chest and i just cried.

"im so sorry love, i can help you get through this" he kissed my forehead, i got instant butterflies

"thankyou harry" i said hugging him tighter

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