Caught Up

Skyler is is 18 and living with her parents in Doncaster, But what happenes when she bumps into Harry Styles ? will life get eaiser ?


21. Kicking Off

(Sylar's p.o.v)
I woke up with Harry's body perfectly entwined with mine. I placed a gentle kiss on his lips and he slowly woke up.
"good morning beautiful" he spoke in his raspy morning voice
"how did you sleep my prince"  I questioned him "like a baby, my princess" we both giggled.
We walked to the kitchen where Niall was making breakfast "morning Nialler" I spoke "morn'n love" The rest of the gang came racing out to each breakfast, and I stayed and helped Niall with the dishes, by the time we finished it was already half 11. "Harry, do you wan't to go get some Starbucks babe" I asked as I walked into our room "sure thing love"
He walked over to me and placed his hands on my waist and I slid my hands behind his neck and interlocked my fingers "But I got to shower first, wanna join?" he asked as he gave me a wink
"if I must" I replied then released my hands, and grabbed my towel and he followed me down the hall and shouted "Sky and I are having a shower, don't run any taps guys" and Louis replied with "The shower echoes, don't make too much noise, we will be able to hear you" he is so cheeky at times.
I ran the hot water and stepped in and Harry a few moments later joined. He washed my hair for me and combed it through, gosh I love this boy. After a bit we got out and it was already 12pm.
We drove to Starbucks and sat in the very back corner only being noticed by a few fans. We sat for a while and just talked until we realised the time "3:00 already, we should probably go Haz"

We jumped in the car without being noticed and drove home everyone was inside because it started to pour with rain

By the time we had all lounged around, cooked and eaten dinner it was around 8pm and we decided to put on a film
"I vote toy story" Liam said   "no Liam we watch that every time" we all shouted at him "what about a chick flick" Zayn suggested "the notebook" he said afterwards "it's settled, the notebook it is" Harry, Louis, Abbey and I took the 3 seater couch, Danielle and Liam took the 2 seater and Niall and Zayn took both the one seater recliners. We all got comfy and I felt myself closing my eyes halfway through the film.

I woke up to Harry shaking me "Sky, wake up" I opened my eyes and stretched my arms. "everyone has gone to bed, lets go too" "let me brush my teeth and i'll be in soon" I started to head to the bathroom when I saw Abbey out the front through the window.. with another boy? I saw her texting somebody before but I didn't really take much notice of it. Then I saw it, I stood in awe, she kissed him, she made the first move, and their lips connected. Anger ran through my body and all I could think of was how hurt Louis would be.

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