Caught Up

Skyler is is 18 and living with her parents in Doncaster, But what happenes when she bumps into Harry Styles ? will life get eaiser ?


19. It's Coming Off

After a few weeks Abbey's cast was finally off and tomorrow was our concert. Me, Danielle and Abbey had to get back to the studio for an all day/night rehearsal. By the time we came back, the boys were wide awake, and we we were tired and had no energy what so ever..great.

"Hey babe, how did you go" harry asked

"great, but im sore and tired so im off to bed"

"ill come aswell"

"night guys, were off we have a big day ahed of us tomorrow we are doing 2 concerts, oh and we have to be at the theatre by 9 so we will be up at about 6, pre warning"

"oh yay, the joys of girl over taking the bathroom at 6 in the morning" zayn said sarcasticly

We all went to bed after that.


ugggh! i feel like i have been asleep for 5 minutes but i have to get up. No one else woke up from mine and the girls alarms apart from us, so up we were in our seperate bathrooms getting ready. I did my make up first, my foundation then stuck my gold glitter eye lashes on top and bottom and went over them with gold gitter mascara. after i did my make up i but my hair into a high bun wichh had braids wrapped around it and my whole head was full of gel and hairspray and my head felt heavy. It was already 8:00 and we had to leave by 8:30 I went to get a drink and i saw Louis slip into Abbey's bathroom, Liam went to Danielle's and when i got back, Harry came into mine, he needed help putting on his tie. I was getting into my tutu and leotard and harry helped me put my flower in my hair. We were ready, and we we were off.

We arrived at the theatre nervous as ever and before we knew it the second concert was almost over, Me, Abbey and Danielle did our trio and then the last dance was Mine and Abbey's contemporary duo, my teacher kept it for the end because she said it was a show stopper dance and it was the best she has ever seen.

We walked on stage, the crowd with over  2000 people was silent. The lights hit us and the msic started, we danced like it was the last time we would ever dance again, and we nailed it, totally nailed it.

We walked out of the theatre and everyone clapped and cheered for us. Abbey ran up to louis and gave him the biggest hug ever. Harry came over and kissed me.

We went home and crashed, tomorrow was a bigger day, the tour is offically starting, in ireland.

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