Caught Up

Skyler is is 18 and living with her parents in Doncaster, But what happenes when she bumps into Harry Styles ? will life get eaiser ?


12. Fix You

Abbey, danielle and i were the last ones to leave the studio, we were trusted enough to lock up so we decided to stay and abbey and i would show dani our duo. We let the boys stay and watch too, despite a lot of arguing.. Our duo was a contempory and it was to 'fix you' by Coldplay.

We got ready in position and turned  on the music. To be honest I was a little nervous, we had been working on this dance for months together and I didn't want to stuff up. I closed my eyes as I heard the music, I danced like it was the last time I ever would. I managed to look over at Abbey a few times and she was amazing, she is so talented ! You can tell she loves to dance.

Once the song ended, I finally looked out at the boys and Danielle and their mouths were hitting the floor, they looked like they'd just seen a ghost ! They all started cheering and clapping while abbey and I hugged, we nailed it.

We walked off the stage down to where they were all sitting and I walked over to harry who was standing alone looking at me with a beautiful smile in his face. "Skylar... that was absolutely insane, I did not have any clue you could move like that ! You're fantastic."
You blush "thankyou haz, you really think so?"
"Yes ! Oh my gosh skylar it was awesome"
You say thankyou again and slide your hand into his, you go to walk away but he pulls you back and slams his lips into yours. You're shocked but immediately melt into it, it becomes heated as he slips your tongue into you mouth fighting for dominance without permission.

Before it goes any further somebody clears their throat very loudly behind you. You turn around to find out it was Louis and Abbey because everyone was staring and those two were giggling like children.

"Hey do you guys wanna go out for dinner to hogs breath ?" Zayn suggested.
Everybody went home and got dressed then we left.
We were sat in a booth and louis and abbey were sitting next to harry and I, we were holding hands under the table and louis and abbey were getting pretty cosy with each other.
"They're just too cute. and so alike, your such a matchmaker !" Harry whispered into my ear so they couldn't hear.
"Haha why thankyou, they are adorable aren't they ?"

That night we decided to all stay at Harry's place and have a little bit of a party just to celebrate our new relationships. Safe to stay it was really a fun night.


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