Caught Up

Skyler is is 18 and living with her parents in Doncaster, But what happenes when she bumps into Harry Styles ? will life get eaiser ?


11. Dance

Danielle, Abbey and I were up by 5 to get ready this was a full dresss rehearsal and we were the first dance on, so we had to wear our first costmes to the rehearsal. We had brekfast, our buns were done and our makeup, we put on our modern costumes which was a dress that came up to our thighs with glitter, myn was baby pink and the girls were white, we had our tights on and our ballett shoes and we were ready. The boys were going to come down later to watch, there were the only ones aloud cause they were, well, One Direction of course. They all walked down stairs and we were all stretching in the splits

"how do you do that" they all yelled at the same time, we just lauged

"wow babe, you look amazing" harry wispered to me

"thanks babe"

"i cant wait to see you guys dance today" liam said hugging danielle

Louis went up to Abbey and wished her good-luck and kissed her on the cheek, she could have died

The first half was over and the boys were backstage waiting for us we had about half an hour to go stretch and practice so we went onto the stage and did just that. The boys were in the crowd as the second half started and they were blown away, Louis came and talked to me after the rehearsal and said he really liked Abbey

"aw lou that is great, ask her out, trust me she will say yes"

"babe, you, i, your amazing"

"thanks haz"

"i cant wait to see you at your concert"

Louis and Abbey walked out hand in hand, me and Harry just looked at eachother

"umm whats going on" harry asked

"what does it look like" i said hitting him on the chest

we got home and showered and i went to Harrys and Abbey and Lou came back with us

lets just say, it was a late night...

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