Long Lost Sibling

Amber Marie Tompson is an ordinary 21 year old girl...
Normal parents, Normal friends, Normal life
But one day Amber found a letter adressed to her from 13 years ago

What will happen after she finds out who she REALLY is??
What will happen when that one letter changes everything??

~~~~read to find out~~~~
(Copyright 2012 Ms.Nialler)


21. Panic Attacks

~~Zayn's POV~~

I groaned while shifting in my sleep.
Something was wrong.
I suddenly shot up in my seat and looked around the car.
Amber, Harry and......wait wheres Tory??

"Guys" I said now turned around in my seat "Harry, Amber, wake up somethings happened."

Harry slowly started to wake up, followed by Amber. She looked at me with sleepy eyes. Harry just finished yawning before looking at me too.

"Whats going on Zayn??" Amber asked
"Well T-" I was cut off by Harrys sudden shriek

Amber looked at him then back to me. She began panicking and crying badly.

"Harry calm down. Now check if-" He cut me off again
"Zayn" he pointed towards Amber.

When I looked over towards her. She must have fainted. Suddenly her body twitched.


Her body twitched again.


Suddenly her body started having severe convulsions (body is shaking). I got out the car and came around to her side, opening the door and taking her out. Carrying her to the front of the car, I layed her on the street, unsure of what to do. As painful as it was, the only thing I COULD do was sit back and watch as the love of my life's body jerked everywhere.


After about twenty minutes, her convulsions stopped but now she was just......sleep I guess. I think what caused this was a panic attacked. I just hoped she was OK. Picking her body up, I placed her in the backseat where Harry was till he moved to the front. Id gotten in with her and had her laying in my arms. Stroking her hair, I began to sing softly to her

��Shut the door, Turn the light off. I wanna be with you, I wanna feel your love. I wanna lay beside you, I can not hide this, even though I try��

I dozed off after that, with the girl of my dreams in my arms.

(GUYS DONT YALL WANT TORY TO JUST BECOME A TRAITOR !!! Yea?! Well I do but its not my choice its yours SO if you want Tory to become A TRAITOR then ill need at least 3-4 comments saying TRAITOR. If you want Tory NOT to be a TRAITOR then ill need at least 3-4 comments saying FRIEND)
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